Join us!

We are so blessed to have you join us on this journey! We will be updating the list below with specific prayer requests at any given time. Please join us in praying over our new addition, and praying for our family here stateside!

If you would like to also join us financially by contributing to our adoption fund, or helping in another way, please contact us with a way to get in touch with you.


Current Prayer requests:


Please pray for speedy processing on our application! While Kris has a full-time job during the day and very little time to obsess or have an anxious wandering brain on the issue at hand and the progress, Laura has way too much time on her hands & needs peace of mind!

Also, prayer for conversations with family would be appreciated. This week we will be having our initial conversations with close family, letting them know of our decision and the process to come!

6/26/13: (UPDATE!) Thank you for your prayers! We got the call & we are approved to join the program! They averaged a 10-business-day waiting period for pending applications, and we got a response in 3 business days! Our God is AMAZING!

Please pray for upcoming social worker assignment. We requested one that we met back in December at a seminar – it seems like a silly thing to request someone specific, and I’m sure any case worker would be great – but also any level of comfort and familiarity with someone at this stage brings some peace amidst the chaos!

7/9/13: Things are moving & progressing (always at a snail’s pace!) Please pray for continued patience as we wait for contact from our assigned Social Worker & Family Coordinator. Also, we are beginning the process of starting fundraising in lots of different ways. We have moments of complete trust that God will provide all of the cost we need for the adoption, but we are human, and have definite moments of weakness. Please pray that our family will continually look to Him to provide, and that we will find joy and His provision everywhere – even in the smallest of ways.

7/9/13: (UPDATE) Praise the Lord! Received contact from Social Worker already, and we got the one we requested!! She’s already moving quickly, which is awesome!

7/16/13: lots of grunt work ahead of us gathering forms and getting random things notarized and ordered. Pray for compliance from Doctors & employers with all of the lengthy detailed letters they have to write for us!! Pray for patience on everyone else’s part – and a dash of grace & understanding!

7/26/13: praise the Lord for doctors who have been sympathetic to the rush-situation! In a matter of two weeks, we have had both physical & psych evaluations done & all paperwork virtually completed!
New request for prayer: have to make trips soon to both Olympia & Salem to get piles of documents certified as a whole by the Secretary of State! We would love for this process to go smoothly and to have them approve everything without having to re-do any paperwork!

8/14/13: Home Study completion was delayed by a few weeks, still waiting on a couple of doctors letters…pray that they will come in quickly! Also, pray for finances to come through – that our fundraisers would be hugely successful!

8/26/13: Praise The Lord! Home Study is moving along and in final stage of last minute edits! It will be notarized and mailed to us shortly! We could use some serious prayer for our Garage Sale fundraiser beginning Thursday! My garage is full of gifts from families all over, and I have full days of picking up more items from more families! The response has been overwhelming from people who want to help! Our prayer is simply that God would bring buyers to the sale over the weekend! We will have garage sale items as well as the kids lemonade/bake sale, and also will be selling our freshly roasted coffee & sampling! Pray that We will be able to get everything prepped and ready by Thursday opening, and that He would bring people with open hearts!

9/11/13: we have settled on a Vancouver, WA venue in the heart of Downtown for our Auction location (Nov. 9th). Please pray for us as we attempt to throw together an amazing evening in as little as 2 months! We need prayer that God would lay it on individuals and companies hearts to provide in-kind donations for our Auction – and that people would come out of the woodwork who want to be involved and have the expertise we need! Thank you!

9/24/13: our Dossier is scheduled to be Fed Ex’ed to Haiti on Monday!! (5 days!) this is about 4 months ahead of planned “schedule” – which is amazing! We are now waiting for a referral. It is our understanding that a referral could be received anytime between now to five months from now! (Most likely sooner due to our age parameters). Getting very excited to be this close to having a face to go with our extra seat at the kitchen table! 🙂

11/1/13: Our Dossier is being expedited and rushed through legalization with the lawyers at our orphanage in Haiti, and is expected to be submitted to the IBESR on Tuesday 11/5/13! This is absolutely amazing, and it is expected to EXIT the IBESR process in about a month! Please pray that all of this actually HAPPENS – as we are quickly learning, things and process and laws can change in the blink of an eye, and someone goes on vacation and poof! You’re waiting another 2 months for a signature! Please pray that all of our paperwork will be expedited through this process. This also means we are super close to getting a referral (child match) Please join us in praying over and for this little boy that God has chosen for our family! It is all of a sudden so close to the moment when we get to say “we have a specific child!” and our hearts are so full of expectation and anticipation for this child! Thank you!

11/9/13: Answered prayer: Our auction was a HUGE success and we were absolutely blown away by the outpouring of love and support of our cause and our family. Thank you for praying – we had an overabundance of guests in attendance, and after our cost we raised a net total of about $15,000 – God is definitely using everyone around us to pour into this journey! (whether they know it or not!)

11/20/13: Our Dossier has had many significant delays since the 5th, waiting for additional missing papers that were supposed to accompany it. We are praying that they would arrive (in one piece) and that our collection of paperwork would be completed and approved to deliver to the IBESR! Once we are “in”, we will have a 1-3month wait til we get to view our referral (child match)! Please pray for continued patience on our end – we have an amazing family coordinator who puts up with our pestering and advocates for our children when we cannot! Please pray for her as the families waiting for children from Haiti are stacking up at her door!

11/28/13: Thanksgiving! Please join us in offering up your sincere and heartfelt thanks for all of the wonderful blessings He has given us.

11/29/13: We heard today that we (might?) be good to go on our paperwork! We are praying this means we can move forward into the IBESR beginning of next week!! Please pray that this happens soon! We’re on pins and needles ready for the next step!

2/4/14: We’ve been in IBESR for 7 weeks…along with the other families in our “special situation” group that is being “rushed” through the process. We had a slight hiccup with our referral (child match), and our prayer now would be that the new assignment of a child would be divinely orchestrated, and that the process would be as seamless as possible to transition the files. We are blessed continuously to have an Adoption Agency that is working so hard and advocating for our families – Please join with us in thanking God for providing this organization to help us through this process!

3/21/14: We have now been in IBESR for almost 3 1/2 months. There is currently rumblings of movement happening – rumors of referrals and child matching beginning again, and our program directors and liaisons in Haiti have been making multiple trips to speak with officials at the IBESR regarding our group of referrals. Please pray that movement happens. We believe in a God who does the extraordinary, and we are praying for absolutely extraordinary movement! Please also pray for contentment and patience for Laura & Kris and our family. Everyone is a bit on edge right now – we feel that we are just on the verge of something…but the waiting is difficult. It’s like knowing all about what Christmas entails, but having no idea when it will arrive! 🙂

7/9/14: 7 months in IBESR tomorrow…praying hard for movement! Please continue to lift up our Little Man as he is being parented and shepherded by other people serving in his orphanage! Our family could use prayer as well as this past week has seemed to be overflowing with one crisis after another. Sick child, death of family friend, sending our oldest off to first-ever overnight weeklong summer camp, and then immediately followed by youngest’s decision to cuddle up to a flesh-grating sidewalk! So now, one recovering from nasty cold/fever, one recovering from knee/face/toe injury/wound infection and on crutches (I have to admit, an 8-year old’s miniature-sized crutches are pretty cute!), and picking up our son tomorrow night from his week of wild fun and complete exhaustion! We could use some prayer for refreshing of our hearts and physical bodies, as well as a wash of relief for our spiritual side – it’s been an emotionally draining 7 day stretch.

9/19/14: 9 months in IBESR and referrals are FINALLY starting to trickle out of IBESR in a steady stream! We are SO very excited and would like specific prayer that our child’s file will receive the necessary signatures immediately and that his file will be released to us in the next few weeks as an official referral!

5/28/16: This morning we received our REFERRAL phone call!!! A crazy day. A beautiful, crazy day! Please join us in prayer, thanking God for this mountain He has moved off our chests! 🙂 Continued prayer for upcoming travel arrangements would be amazing, as well as protection over our Little Man!

9/7/16: Please continue praying for our Exit Letter from IBESR. This letter would allow us to continue on in the process, moving out of IBESR phase and into the legal jungle, obtaining an adoption decree (where adoption is legalized in Haiti, aka: in Haiti “W” would be recognized as legally our son), and moving on to passports, and immigration to the US. From Exit Letter stage, the homecoming could be as quick as 6 months, or we could sit and wait for moths longer… Please pray for this Exit Letter to be expedited quickly! After already waiting 30 months just for the referral, We are READY to be done with wait times!

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