Our Timeline

Our Adoption Timeline (up-to-date):

6/21/13: Adoption Application submitted to America World Adoption Agency

6/26/13: Still waiting for acceptance of application… 🙂 (I’m the least patient person in the world!)

6/26/13 (one hour later): Just got the call!! We’re IN!!! Praise the Lord! 🙂 Next step, signing agreements & getting a family coordinator & local social worker assigned.

7/1/13: program agreements signed and mailed, along with first program “installment” ($$) trust is key.

7/9/13: Confirmation email received from intake! Our agreements have been received and accepted. We will be waiting about a week to hear from our assigned Social Worker & Family Coordinator.

7/9/13 (three hours later): Received contact from Social Worker already!! Amazing! 🙂 She sent all info for Home Study forms and Instructions via email, we’ve already started gathering documents and filling out paperwork! Still waiting on Family Coordinator, but so far so good! Next step, setting up Home Study orientation & subsequent HS visits.

7/13/13: received contact from our Family Coordinator with all of our Dossier info & forms! A little overwhelmed at the moment…

7/15/13: first meeting with Social Worker went amazingly well! She is awesome & from Texas so immediately puts us at ease with her beautiful southern accent! 🙂 lots of work to do on our end now – gotta get crackin!

7/26/13: psych evaluation today! Hopefully we are certifiably sane! 🙂

8/1/13: Home Visit this morning, touring house, meeting with Both parents & each child individually! Fighting my urge to bleach & purge, because I know that the house just needs to look normal! (Although I’ll spare her the mountain of clean laundry that has taken up permanent residence at the foot of our bed!)

8/12/13: Final Home Study meeting to finalize our Home Study report! A few extra things came up that we need in addition to required information and documents, which will probably extend our timeline for completion another 2-4 weeks. As frustrated as we were originally with these new requests, we know that the Lord is in control, and in the words of a wise friend/father…”if your process is delayed a few weeks, then that’s how He designed it to be – and there is a reason!” I keep reciting, “Patience is a virtue. Patience is a virtue. Patience is a virtue…” one of these days my heart will understand that!

8/25/13: our home study is pushed to final last-minute edits phase! Should be en route to us shortly in finalized, notarized form! 3 days until massive Garage Sale Fundraiser!

9/1/13: Garage sale ended amazingly well! Lots of stories, lots of wonderful people, and we raised over $4,000!!! Thank you!

9/10/13: our Dossier was mailed out via 2-day FedEx to our Family Coordinator in Virginia, who will then review it and send it off to translation! PTL!!

9/11/13: A friend and I visited a couple venue options for our Nov. 9th Auction! A decision has been made!

9/24: planning still going strong for Nov 9th auction, and our Dossier is scheduled for delivery to Haiti on 9/29! It’s been through translation and is now heading to the consulate stateside before being delivered to Haiti.
10/06/13: Our Dossier was sent via Fed-Ex to Haiti today! Expected two weeks until it is on the desk of the orphanage for legalization!

10/16/13: Our dossier is in Haiti and is waiting to be legalized!

10/30/13: Dossier has been potentially flagged for expedited processing through legalization

11/1/13: Confirmation! Our Dossier is being expedited through legalization and is scheduled to be submitted to IBESR on Tuesday 11/5/13! (expected time frame inside IBESR is one month!)

11/15/13: Dossier submission is delayed due to missing piece of paperwork – lawyer/attorney letter? (On international side of things, not Stateside)

12/3/13: Missing Paperwork has arrived to complete our legalized Dossier! Now is ready to submit to next step (IBESR) – basically, Social Research organization for the country of Haiti. We are simply waiting until the IBESR accepts the delivery of our Dossier!

12/10/13: Dossier was submitted to IBESR today!!! PRAISE THE LORD!! The expected wait time in this section of the journey (within this organization) is 1-3 months. Next news we will be hearing is when they call us/email us with our referral (child match) alert! This could be anywhere between a few weeks and a few months from now. Good thing our Holiday Season is upon us and we will be hugely distracted!!:) Pray for Godspeed over this process! We are super excited!

1/28/14: Slight change in our referral process, but it is for the best. A tough decision on our part, but one we felt led to make. Currently in a process of reassigning a new child-match (referral), hopefully this will be a quick swap, so we are ready for IBESR approval.

 2/4/14: Still waiting for update on referral process…No word from IBESR yet – which is actually a good thing for the odd situation we are in. Ideally, the orphanage directors will need to have our referral adjustment changes made and ready to go when the IBESR comes back with approval. Hopefully this will be a quick swap of information/files when the time comes. (praying).

3/17/14: Still waiting on a formal referral from IBESR. There are many rumors floating around hinting at a windfall of Dossiers being released from IBESR in late March & early April…praying this is the case, and that things get moving.

3/21/14: A representative from our agency has a face-to-face with the Director of IBESR today to discuss the referrals (and lack thereof) for our Haiti families from our agency! We are anxiously awaiting an update of any progress made today – and are praying for the extraordinary…

7/9/14: Still waiting on formal referral from IBESR. Rumors are being circulated that referrals are being issued as soon as next week, another rumor that referrals are being issued end of July…but nothing confirmed, and there is no rhyme, reason or order (as per the past year’s precedence) to which families receive referrals first. Unfortunately for many families who have been waiting over a year for a formal referral, your place in line seems to mean very little.

9/19/14: 9 mos in IBESR waiting for an official referral. FINALLY this month, referrals are beginning to be issued to agencies across the US and Canada! Two of the very first ones were issued to families at our agency – with children from OUR ORPHANAGE! Super exciting. Praying that we will only be waiting a few more weeks before we finally get to see his face on an official referral page!

5/28/16: RECEIVED OUR REFERRAL!!! (899 days in IBESR). Almost 30 months waiting in IBESR, 3 years since first embarking on this Haitian Adoption journey!

6/6-6/20/16: Bonding trip (Kris and Laura travel to Haiti to “bond” with Little Man “W” on his home turf at the orphanage)

9/12/16: Received Exit Letter from IBESR (12 weeks)

1/6/17: Received Adoption Decree (16 weeks, 4 days), entered MOI (Ministry of Interior)

3/21/17: Exited MOI (10 weeks, 4 days), entered Passports stage

3/21/17: File begins translation

4/6/17: Translation complete (2 weeks, 3 days), submitted to USCIS for visa approval!

5/5/17: Received Wesley’s Passport! (6 weeks, 3 days)

5/25/17: Received USCIS APPROVAL! (7 weeks)

5/26/17: Medical Appointment (in Haiti, we do not go to this)

5/30/17: Final Visa Appointment (in Haiti, we do not go to this)

5/30/17: Visa is PRINTED! We can book travel!


6/1/17: Arrived in Haiti, safe and sound (and exhausted)

6/2/17: Picked up Wesley Wadnelson McGreevey, stayed at Karibe hotel in Petionville (FYI – the Corner Suite at Karibe will sleep up to 6 people if you’re desperate! – even though the front desk will tell you otherwise! There is a King Bed, and a large L-shape sofa with a full-bed pull out (and still one leg of the couch for someone else to crash on). Our new son slept between us in the king bed. It’s about half the cost of the 2-room suite, and has a dining room area, full living room area and full bedroom with huge master bathroom.

6/6/17: Flying home to PDX! PARTY OF 6!


Praise God, from whom all blessings flow! Our journey along this dusty road is done, and our new journey into a world of unknowns now begins. A new chapter, or maybe even a second book in the series…Thank you for praying with us, following this journey, and encouraging us along the way. We look forward to partnering with many of you that we’ve met along the way as you begin your own adoption stories!


3 thoughts on “Our Timeline

  1. Alicia Nicolay says:

    Hi there! I would love to hear more about your story! I feel like I came across this for a reason! I am too adopting from Haiti, just started our Home Study… and, am now selling Stella & Dot to help fund our adoption! Awesome!

  2. Carrie Nixon says:

    Hi there! I, too, would love to hear more of your story. We are in the very beginning stages of our adoption Journey. We are also leaning toward Haiti and AWAA. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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