McGreevey & Sons Coffee Co.

We now have 97lbs of freshly roasted coffee ready for order – either pick-up or shipping. Click here to place your order (or click the graphic below):

McGreevey & Sons Coffee/Big Brother Coffee

If you would like to pick-up your order, add items to your cart and once in your cart click the blue “shipping” text and it will drop down a “pickup” option. Select that option and you will be good to go! If you need your order shipped, we can ship it no problem!

Our 3 bio kids are super excited about their new brother coming home. All 5 of us were able to go earlier this year to visit him in Haiti, and the three older kids got to see first-hand what his world is really like. Pictures and words can’t fully describe how things are, and that trip was invaluable for the three of them to understand life before America. Now that they’ve been there, met him, and held him in their arms, they all want to go back for the “homecoming trip.” Due to the cost of all 5 of us going, the kids have decided they would earn enough money to pay for their airfare. There are several ways each of them plan to earn the money needed, and one of those ways is our 14 year-old son, Braeden, decided to take over roasting and selling our hand roasted coffee. We’ve been roasting for about six years and the product we’re making now is amazing. Most of what we buy is either certified organic or organic-process (but not certified). It is also either fair trade or direct trade. We would like to have as much pre-ordered as possible, but will also have inventory ready to go in the event you’re in dire need of a caffeine fix. Please help us out and spread the word!

This makes amazing Christmas gifts, but make sure to order extra for your own home, because it tastes fantastic! Please click the image below to be re-routed to our coffee ordering page!



Braeden’s “Big Brother Coffee” company




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