First Day of School!

Thank you. Thank you for prayers, for encouragement, for the texts today inquiring how Wes’s first day of school went! All the stress leading up to this day and this is how it started:

“Mommy, how do you make my spaghetti stay warm for my lunch??!!” This guy was the first one asleep last night after an evening of giddy silliness (you would have thought it was Christmas Eve), and was the first one up this morning, downstairs fully dressed, helping pack his lunch 😀

We took photos on the porch: (and yes, one for me – it was technically my first day of school too, although I don’t  have to teach any classes this week)

Laura – 37 years old, 32nd grade, Kings Way K-5 Art teacher

Braeden, 15 years old (driving), 9th grade

Logan, 13-years old, 8th grade

Abby, 11-years old, 6th grade

Wesley, 7-years old, 1st grade


Wes walked right into class without so much as a tear, I had to March him right back out to give me a darn hug! Basically said, hey. I have spent months in anxiety over this moment – so give that anxiety a bit of validation and at least give me a clinging hug goodbye!! Lol! He sat down with a grin, waved at his new bestie across the desk, (a little girl who he met yesterday at the school social), and immediately got out his crayons to color! 

When I picked him up after school he was full of smiles and his teacher said he had an awesome day! He told us he is wearing his “snackcident bacon shirt” tomorrow so that his friend will like it and laugh 😉 FYI his shirt says “Snackcident: noun: when you accidentally eat all the bacon” (or something like that). He thinks it’s hilarious and I’m just glad he’s already planning to go to school tomorrow! 🙂

Today was a bit of a breather from a very very long, stressful and frightening weekend. On Friday evening last week, my mom was in a bike vs. vehicle accident that put her in OHSU Emergency care with two crushed wrists, a fractured leg, torn shoulder tissue and other cuts, bruising, and abrasions. We are incredibly thankful that she came out with clear CTs, no spine injuries, no other broken bones, no brain damage, and quite frankly, that she’s alive. 

Needless to say, my sister and I have spent many hours in the hospital and on the phone trying to coordinate care, visits and rehab placements in addition to trying to keep life as normal as possible for our families. It has made for some 3am nights, early mornings with Wes’ early-rider status, and now first day of school. In the meantime I also had to get my art classroom entirely painted top to bottom. I was so thankful for good friends to spend a night helping me paint walls, and Kris and the kids to help me make some headway when I was maxed out on stress! 

So today, I will admit, was a blessed morning. I dropped the kids off and was able to go spend almost 4 hours with my mom at the hospital, connect with the PT, OT and trauma team as well as her case manager to coordinate rehab following her discharge – all without worrying about what my kids were doing or who would watch them while I was up there! 

It has been an odd blessing – but a blessing indeed to be able to love my mom in a new way. She is always the one that has done the waiting at the hospitals, the recovery care, the checking-in – and now we get to show her in a very practical way how much she means to us. 

Her progress is better every day – she had surgery on both wrists on Saturday evening and while she still doesn’t have mobility and needs 24-hour care, it is so encouraging to see the little progress made each day! She is determined to move, to heal, and to be independent again – a physical therapist’s dream patient! 😉

I’m signing off as we have another early morning tomorrow, but mostly wanted to say a huge thank you to those who prayed for this special day for Wes! All our kids had such an awesome first day of school – and they were all so excited to hear about his day and what he did and what his new friends names were! 😉 (should I be surprised that the bulk of them are girls? I’m gonna have to watch that kid…) he said he “played school” with his friends at recess in the classroom – they had indoor recess today because the smoke is so heavy from the Columbia Gorge fires it is literally raining ash. (Or as Wes said this morning “there’s eyelash in the sky” – to which we were very confused until we realized he was trying to say “ash” LOL)

Unfortunately for Wes that means no swimming, no playing outside, no bikes, etc. the air quality is so thick with smoke and ash – thankfully this all hit just a couple days before school started and not midway through summer!! Praying they get the fires under control soon!

I’m heading to sleep – exhausted. Praying for another great day tomorrow!



This was how I found them at pickup after school! Happy kids!

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