It all started with a paper hat…

It all started with a paper hat. Yesterday, he was in a funky beginning of a moody grouch session and picked up a random piece of glossy paper insert that was laying on the counter and began to fold it. After about 2 minutes it was carefully folded into a paper hat – to which I pounced on the opportunity for a distraction and said, “wow, that is so cool! You made a hat! How did you make that?” To which he dismissed my excitement with an offhanded, “oh I make those in Haiti all the time.” (Yeah, no big deal, mom). 

I slid over a blank white piece of paper and asked if he could do it again. He quickly made a hat and then I said “hey do you know how to use glue? You could glue colored pieces of paper on there for a decoration!” He thought for a split second and said “oh that’s a good idea!” (Skies open and Angels sing the hallelujah chorus) 10 minutes later he had shapes carefully glued on each side, took a look at it from arms length and said, “ehhh. Mommy we no have paint?” (Dude. You think God is going to place you in a forever family that doesn’t have PAINT? You drew the longest straw in this one, buddy!) “paint?? Oh yeah. Mommy has paints!” He turned inquisitively to face me and lifted an eyebrow, “I can paint this hat?” (A family that has paint and doesn’t let you use it? Pssshhhh!) “of course you can! Take your hat to the table and I’ll get some paints for you!” 

An hour later, the girls had gotten in on the action and there were multiple painted paper hats and then a host of painted pictures as well! I figured maybe that was my little blessing window of seeing creativity budding. 

This morning he went right to the table when we got up and busted out a pencil drawing of our house interior complete with all the rooms for everyone and a dining table complete with a bowl of spaghetti – all before the solar eclipse started at 9:06am 😉 after we completed seeing the sun “get black” with special glasses and our next door neighbors he spent the next 2 hours painting his house and beginning an art museum’s worth of masterpieces. Later on in the afternoon the girls joined him and they painted another hour together. I have never seen him so deliberate and focused – and the creativity was so beautiful! 

I was so encouraged to see this part of him come through – as he has resisted projects and coloring and drawing for the most part – guess maybe he just needed to be inspired by the paints! 😉 

We had such a beautiful Wesley day today – the painting just added to it! I had an hours worth of snuggles and cuddles in my bed this morning and at bedtime tonight he gave and received kisses and tried falling asleep cuddled against me with his arm thrown across my chest! (The bliss came to a screeching halt when he kept fidgeting and finally I heard, “mommy you hair is tickle me.” 🙂 Guess I have tickley hair. Who knew? 

Anyway – I don’t usually post two days in succession but I thought it was important to share the beautiful moments and not just the “this is tough and I’m exhausted” ones. 

I could use a few extra prayers tomorrow – I have a bit of a crazy day with my Crohn’s treatment and not my normal availability of Kris’ help. 😉 I’m sure it will be fine but I can already feel my anxiety building. Pray for smooth day with Wes and a smooth peace over my heart as well! Oh – and he has his first official soccer practice – and it sounds silly but pray for his little emotional self that he will not fight going to soccer – because I know he will have a blast if he goes and plays – but I’m also having to get him there by myself after being wasted from my treatment. Praying hard that he goes peacefully and that it’s a smooth evening 😉


Oh and forgot to post pics yesterday so here’s a few from the past few weeks!

So focused!

Apple tree and a swimming pool with a guy diving!

Watching the black sun…

Today’s architectural drawing…

Yesterday’s hat-making…

Another perk to being on property…shoot guns in the front yard! 😉

Rare midday snuggles…

“Mommy I catch a huge big one fish!!”

I just want to live here. Forever. 

Thumbs up means go fast-fast!

Watching the horses…

Exploring the old Silos on the farm!

So adorable, this is where the Little’s wanted to sit every time they rode in the boat! Up front!

He doesn’t like boats at all 😉

Our trip to Columbia River Ranch – for a few days of (active) rest! Wes experienced his first boat rides and inner tubing!

We took Wes to his first Clark County Fair! He loved every second of it – and his favorite ride was the rollercoaster!

Gotta love the ping pong ball in the goldfish bowl game…somehow we get a fish for almost free but the tank and stuff to keep it alive is $60. Now out of 6 fair fish, only one is still swimming. I think it would have been more fun to use that $60 on more roller coaster rides for Wes! Lol

My dad does an annual “Adventure Day” with each grandkid to explore different activities and try new things – he did a modified version for Wes – and they had a blast! Making musical instruments with wood spoons and washers, and shooting bow/arrows in the back yard!
Caught a fish!

The kids were building a dam – so dad decided to use his muscles to help out!

The ultimate Sand Man!

Can’t see them very well but this is our traditional photo-taking spot at Lincoln City beach!

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