Sand and Sea

This morning we embarked on our first family vacation as a party of 6! Wes was up and bounding down the stairs at 7:00 sharp, bouncing on the bed telling us it was Beach day! πŸ˜‰ we caught a few more snatches of sleep while he watched a few Avengers episodes, but then we couldn’t put off the waking any longer and pulled ourselves together! 

Usually our trips to the beach are relaxing, refreshing, and just a weekend to sit and read books, stare at the ocean and take long walks in the sand…{insert scratching, screech of record stop here} Did we forget we have a 7-year old now who goes non-stop from waking to sleeping??!! πŸ˜‰ this beach weekend has already transported us back in time to when our older kids were little! The 2.5 hour drive went smooth as silk (thank the Lord for the invention of car entertainment systems!!) and his excitement at seeing the water and sand was so fun to watch! It took everything in our power to convince him we had to unload all our stuff before we could walk down to the sand to play! Within minutes of feeling sand beneath his bare toes he was off and running with a shovel and his sisters, to dig holes and make castles and bury body parts in mounds of sand! 

He thought we were crazy at first for playing at the edge of the ice-cold Pacific Ocean water, but once we dragged him along for an initiation of wave jumping – he led the charge, running and screaming with the girls until his toes were too frozen to take anymore! Then they ran back to their sand piles and buried each other’s feet and legs πŸ™‚ I forgot how much fun it is to have a little one at the beach – and I have to fight my inner OCD mantra that keeps trying to tell me, “Sand is so messy! It gets everywhere. You cannot get rid of it. There will be sand in his scalp and in his sheets and in your cereal tomorrow.” Those who know me well would be very proud. I let that kid play waist deep in sand and just decided to enjoy the cold-induced snot dribbling out his nose collecting sand castles πŸ˜‰ He was just having so much fun! 

We made pizza for dinner and watched Moana while we ate – another win here because he wanted to watch Airbender, but I said “not tonight, we are watching Moana!” To which he announced “I no watch this. I no like this movie.” And I simply said, “okay you don’t have to watch it!” To which he sat and stewed with his mouthful of pizza for about 5 minutes until he was fully engrossed in Moana’s journey and the rock-eating chicken. Towards the end, he said again that he didn’t want to watch so I offered to play with him instead while the other kids watched and he took me up on it! 

While the movie played in the background, he and I, and then Daddy and the girls, played with a Playmobil zoo set for almost 45 minutes! It was amazing – as I’ve never seen him engage in a toy or plaything like that yet. It was very interesting! We started to make up imaginary simple scenarios, like Abby’s idea of “the animals are running away to hide and the zookeeper has to find them” so the animals each hid around the room and he tottered his zookeeper around finding each of them. From there, it morphed into animals eating and kissing the zookeeper (that was the compromise from the giraffe karate chopping the zookeeper and eating his face…we said these are nice animals, they are gentle…so then the kissing and licking ensued). It was fantastic! 

We were unsure of how sleeping would go, but we kept him up about an hour past bedtime and by the time we had stories and in bed he was passed out after about 5 minutes! Praying he sleeps in but this kid has his day tomorrow already planned out by the hour! πŸ™‚

Today was a sweet reminder that not everything has to be stressful, and sometimes we will just get to have a fun memory of a first experience – with awesome photos and smiling little face, complete innocence and awe of something most of us take for granted here in the PNW! 

My daughter Logan captured this photo tonight as Daddy took Wes and Abby outside on the deck to watch the sunset – Logan has an amazing eye for photography both with her iPhone and her good camera! Thought I would share – as it is just a precious photo and one I will remember fondly for a long time! 

Here’s a few more of the sand before my phone died!

And I realized I forgot to post photos of the Library and Daddy’s birthday, so here you go! 

Oops – out of order but this boy LOVES swimming, and yesterday decided to prove to me that he could swim by himself so he could go down the water slide! Lol! He swam under water almost across the entire pool, then went down the slide 7 times! Determined. This is what he looks like after that hard work!

Daddy and Wes blowing out daddy’s candles

Wes cutting the cake!

Out of order…frosting cake

Out of order, Wes and Abby made the birthday cake all by themselves!

Most likely first present-wrapping of his lifetime. 

This was taken right before we sang JwazAniverse (Daddy!) to Daddy (to the tune of happy birthday)

And – a good friend breathlessly asked me at the pool yesterday – “It’s killing me! You left me hanging! Did he eat the meatloaf????” Lol!! I laughed really hard and had to apologize! YES!!! After all that – he took two bites at dinner and announced he had eaten his two bites – and then proceeded to finish his meatloaf. Haha! (So sorry for not finishing that story earlier! Nothing like a meaty cliffhanger, eh?) 




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