Yet another win last night – Wesley slept in his own bed! 😉 Granted, I was so paranoid about him getting out that I could barely sleep and kept waking up to check the video monitor… grrr. Lol! 

Like clockwork this morning, 5:04am I heard a rustling and a thumping patter of feet above me as he jumped out of bed to go potty…then I watched the monitor to see if he would get back in bed like he was supposed to – 3 minutes later, no Little Man on the creepy cam… 😉 I hauled myself out of sleeplessness and trudged upstairs to see where he got distracted. Found him sitting at the top of the stairs, just chilling. I shook my head and said sorry, bud it’s time for sleeping! And steered him back into bed. Then I laid with him while he rolled around for 45 minutes trying to fight falling back asleep. 😉 eventually he did fall back asleep and woke again an hour later, hurtling himself out of bed and down to my room to wake up daddy (I.e. Snuggle time)!

Thanking the Lord this morning for my Awesome husband who got up with him and let me crash for another hour in bed!

Yesterday was another great day for Wes, he was thrilled the outdoor pool was open at the community club, so I took him swimming for an hour in the sunshine! He talked Daddy into taking him again this afternoon so he’s going to be a bit water logged!

Our older kids are doing amazingly well with this transition. We are finally allowing them to take some time to themselves and get some breaks from entertaining a 7-year old, which was much needed. He is a sweet kid but has lots of energy and wants to constantly be doing something (and doesn’t want to do it alone!). I cannot imagine going through adopting an older child and not having built in playmates at home! I know I have some friends that have been through the process that do not have Bio kids already at home and my heart is in awe of your stamina and perseverance. I cannot even fathom how exhausted you must be! I need you all to know that I’m praying for divine strength and encouragement, relief and SLEEP for you all!! 😉

Kris and I are doing well, but I definitely carry exhaustion differently than he does. He is a rally-er, when exhaustion hits he finds a way to harness a second, third and fourth wind. He can handle multiple days of shortened sleep patterns and catch up in one night of good sleep. He is patient, kind and understanding through it all. 

Me – well -let’s just say there’s a reason God matched us together… he is strong when I am weak, grumpy, exhausted, near tears, and treading the fine line between normal society and the looney bin! Thank you, Jesus for my husband!

Today he’s got an extra big job as he’s got to pull double-duty on the Parenting end. For those of you who don’t know, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease about 5 years ago. My insides had been messed up for about 13 years, always being misdiagnosed by doctors and GI’s. When it was finally correctly diagnosed things were so turned around that I had to get on the high-dose meds right away. For the last 5 years I’ve had infusions every 8 weeks to maintain and monitor the inflammation inside that the disease causes. That’s the short of it. The meds are something long-term – that I’ll have to deal with pretty much forever until a new option comes around that works. They operate much like a chemo drip – I get hooked up to a bag of fluids and meds for a few hours in a small room every other month. 

The most difficult part is that the medication leaves me completely exhausted for the rest of the day and many times in a fog for a couple days after. So today, I’m thankful for my husband who is taking a break from work and doing the swimming pool runs and watching scooter tricks in the driveway, while I sit here and drip drip drip while I blog. 😉

Another blessing – I still have freezer and fridge meals that friends have been providing which will come in extremely handy today and tomorrow!! Thank you, friends!!!!

The meds are starting to make me a bit sleepy now so I should sign off before my typing gets muddled and incoherent! 



Enjoying the kiddie pool with Abby!


He also got to check out an empty dentist chair while Braeden got his braces off…he was thrilled they were showing Lego Batman above his head! (Any other parents that can’t stand that movie?? I’m tempted to “lose” it!)

Wes got to help the nurse at Abbys doc appt yesterday! 😉 he was all smiles which was great because he has to go in Thursday morning for vaccines….don’t you dare mention it to him!!!! Our tactic is tell him right before we have to leave. Lol!

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