Day 5. Oops 2 in a row!

Ha! I just realized when I opened this app that my post from last night that I was writing this morning never actually completed posting…so – double duty now! 

Day 5. I (Laura) am exhausted. Physically, emotionally, and every other kind of -ally there is. Our kids are all troopers – it was a super long, hot day. 

We woke up on the early side, got dressed and went down for early breakfast. Wes just about screamed with excitement at breakfast because he saw noodles trailing out of the hot food chafing dish – and knew immediately it was a spaghetti morning! It made his day, which was great because the rest of the day lacked the same excitement. 

After breakfast we headed back up to the room to pack up for our ride (we had 90 min). Apparently when Wes is excited he is great at cleaning up. We thought it would take us that long to get everything back in suitcases but man, that kid was ON TOP OF THE PACKING. I know I’ve said it already but he is SO excited to ride the airplane that anything to move him closer to that day is going to get done in a hurry. Within 30 min we were all packed – unfortunately that meant we had an hour to kill and all our activities were packed. So we busted out the iPad and let them watch tv shows on Netflix until it was time to meet our ride. 

At 10am on the dot our vehicle and translator arrived. We loaded up and headed down the windy hills of Petionville to get to Delmas where Apparent Prohect is located. What was originally planned as an hour or so trip to AP turned into a 2 hour LONG wait. We shopped for about 20 min downstairs then headed up to the cafe for smoothies and pizza, but over an hour later pizza still wasn’t out. They had some malfunctions first with some bad sausage and then with the pizza oven. I think the “malfunction” was that someone wasn’t watching the pizza on their turn to be lookout. We saw and smelled lots of smoke. 

Wes was really quiet for about 45 min into AP, and we couldn’t figure out why – we finally figured it out when he said very quietly in Creole “this is the hotel where we sleep?” Ha! He hadn’t understood that we were making a pit stop – I think he was tying to figure out where in the world he was going to sleep in that place, not to mention no AC and open breeze to outside. Poor kid. When we finally laid his worries to rest he was back to his normal giggly self!

The exit from AP was our tough part. 35 very hot minutes after leaving AP it was very apparent that the driver was extremely lost in the back roads, and going 1 -2 mi/hour on super rocky terrain isn’t the most comfortable. Plus, the AC in the van only really turns on when the engine is turning over fast. We were all dripping sweat, and feeling like we were close to heatstroke. Finally God sent us an angel in the form of an old man who offered to ride in the car with us and show the driver how to get back to the main road. Another 30+ min later we finally found it. 

We had originally planned to go visit a few more places, but everyone was so hot and tired we made an executive decision to just head straight  to the hotel. When we finally pulled up to Servotel no one could get out of the door fast enough. It was seriously like a crockpot in there! 

We got settled in the room and changed as quickly as we could into swim suits and headed to the “piti piti pool” as Wes called it. (It really is a small pool compared to Karibe’s resort style pool that we’ve been using) it is also quite murky. But we all needed to cool off so I’m praying hard that no one ingested anything gross and that we didn’t have any open wounds! Lol!

We showered, changed and ate dinner – and met another family that was picking up their older girls as well – we had connected on our haiti adoptive family forum online and had a quick exchange of hellos and brief updates on stories. Sometimes it is just good to talk to someone else who is IN it. 

I’ll admit it – I’m struggling (Laura). I’m exhausted after 3 nights with broken, not much sleep. I’m struggling with the constant correcting of behavior. He is a very good kid – but have to remember his background with no one telling him no his whole life. He’s very active and with limited options of activities it is a constant moving from one thing to the next. I know part of it is being 7, but most of it is just the life he was used to was a constant and this is brand new. The overstimulation makes him a bit crazed at times 😉 

I’m struggling with anxiety about moving into normal life with kids and school and sports and dogs, responsibility and rules. 

If you have a few minutes to pray for my peace of mine I’d appreciate it. I’ve been battling near constant nausea for the last 2 days. I think it is probably stress and anxiety but it isn’t fun. 

Tonight we try to get this little crazy pants to sleep – which will be interesting because he’s just so darn excited! 

We have to be up at 5:45 to get ready for the airport shuttle and off to the airport at 6:30. Please JESUS let us sleep tonight. 


A very tired Laura

4 thoughts on “Day 5. Oops 2 in a row!

    • We were going to go to Deux Mains near Servotel and also the beach or the countryside – but we were all too exhausted. Haiti Baptist Mission was on our list too but it happened to be closed that day.

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