Day 4: 2 days, airplane!

This little guy is so excited for the airplane ride 😉 I sure hope the three planes we take meet his expectations! 

Today was a long day (aren’t they all here?) after another choppy night sleep we were up at 7 but luckily got to lay around til 8 before he was itching for manje maten (breakfast). He is so cute every morning, because he gets all wiggly in bed and then gets up to pee, but on his way back he always peeks in at the other kids to see if anyone is awake. If he sees eyeballs open, he runs in to tell me who is awake.  Then I say, “okay you can go see Abby!” And he gets a huge grin and hops off the bed and goes to read books or watch Netflix with the kids 🙂

Our day today we tried to “schedule” so that we had a plan, which worked much better although there was a lag of about an hour where he got very quiet and shut down a bit. I think because we were out of things to do and the kids were doing homework, but he just wanted to play a game on my phone and I told him no games. It will be a work in progress helping him process through hearing “no”. 

I’m typing quickly as I’m 12 hours late posting this! (Sorry!) he is quickly picking up English phrases and constantly teaching us new Creole – he is a good teacher! He is definitely a jokester when he’s comfortable – which kris and I saw a little bit of last time we were here. He loves to be silly and give silly answers – we take it as a sign that he is settling in to being comfortable with everyone! It will be interesting being home though, I’ll be honest I am starting to feel the stress of the unknown. 

He is not used to so much stimulation, so the constant availability of so many options seems to make him a bit short on attention span. He has about a 10 min interest or less in everything except iPhone games, swimming, and eating! 😉 from what we’ve seen in other families, it is pretty normal for awhile though. Hoping our variety of options at home will be better fit for keeping him entertained. 

It is 9:30am here on Monday morning and we are trying to kill 30 min before our translator/driver arrives. I’m about to check into our flights for Tuesday morning, praying the adoption airfare staff was able to get our seating together! 

More later tonight!


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