Day 3 Tuckered out. 

Sorry this didn’t post last night! 
Lesson learned. After waking up at 6:45 this morning this kid powered his way through two swimming sessions, two massive meals, a movie and a short portion of a tennis game before he lost his lunch. Poor kid! Thoroughly exhausted. We then took a 90 minute break to watch the Lorax in our room, which helped him feel much better. He asked to go to dinner, but when we sat down in the restaurant he was so tired he couldn’t even keep his eyes open! Finally just told me he wanted to “do sleep”. So I gathered him up with a room key and took him up to bed while the family waited for the food that hadn’t arrived yet. 😉

It has been a great day, but a long one for sure. I hope we all get good sleep tonight. We need it! He is a tosser and turner in the bed before he finally crashes, so I’m laying here in the dark waiting for his body to still into sleep. 

Tomorrow is another long day in the hotel, hoping the big setup on the lawn will be cleared for tomorrow so we can play in the grassy area to break up our day. 

Please pray with us for good sleep for everyone – last night was a bit rough, and from his no dinner and less than ideal tummy situation I’m worried he won’t sleep well. 

Pray also for the day to go quickly. We are feeling a bit stifled in the hotel, just not enough things to keep us busy, and we don’t check out til Monday. Monday is our day to sight see and check out a few other places before we head Back to the last hotel. 

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement and well wishes! He really is doing great, and we are all having a great time. 



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