Day 2: All Together Now!

I don’t have words to tell you how good it feels to be together! 

We went to the embassy this morning and were in and out in about 30 minutes – the most orderly exchange we have had thus far LOL 😉 we had an extremely American consular office representative at the window who checked Kris’ passport and slid Wesley’s packet of documents under the window. He handed out suckers to our kids (and one extra for Wes) and sent us on our merry way! 

We then stopped at a supermarket for waters and lunch Pate, and then drove out to the orphanage. When we got there, all the younger kids came out – they were very excited to see our kids again! Apparently they didn’t have school today because the different groups of kids were going with their classes to the beach! Wes’s class went yesterday and today it was the big kids turn. Sadly, many of our big kid friends were not there to say goodbye but we’re glad they get to go enjoy a fun excursion! 

We said all our goodbyes, somehow even throughout all my communications and planning, they didn’t know we were comin today, the nannies thought we were arriving on Monday? Seems to be a consistent confusion 😉

At any rate, his nanny was very happy to see us – gave huge hugs and tears and told us we were very special and she loved us very much. She said she would miss him greatly. I cannot explain how badly I would love to keep that woman in our lives! The importance of her in Wesley’s last three years of growing up is not lost on me. 

He was very excited and all smiles getting ready to go. He gave hugs to each one of his friends that were in the big circle saying goodbye – this part was very sweet! Many of those kids he won’t see again – a couple will be there in a few years if we return to visit. His brother and sisters were over the moon that he was getting in the car with us! There was of course quick bickering of who would to sit with him which we quickly squashed by telling them all three were in the back and we would sit with him up front to chat with the translator. 😉 I told them “you have the rest of your life to sit with this little guy!” 

We drove back to the hotel, (they figured out a room that worked for all 6 of us!!) and put all our things away and went down to the pool because that was all he could talk about! He had on his life vest and goggles almost immediately! LOL!

He is super happy, excited to be with us and with the kids, and seems to understand what’s going on. We ate tons of dinner, and are now all on the couch watching Despicable Me. Not quite as funny as Minions, (too much talking) but still has the giggle factor. We are all exhausted and ready to sleep! Pray for seamless night sleep, and a great day hanging out tomorrow! 

Tomorrow afternoon in the greenspace outside they are going to show the big soccer match on a huge screen and have food and drinks on the lawn! Looks like fun!

We also received our exit letter from IBESR (another one – one that allows us to exit the country), the director of the orphanage delivered it himself so that he could say goodbye! 

We are so thankful for today!! 

The first day of the rest of our lives!! 

Watching Despicable Me! Together!!! 🙂 love. 

Quite possibly the First Haitian Baseball Dudes fan!! Throw Strikes, Little Man! 

Happiest kids. I don’t think these grins even get bigger! 

This was taken last week – he got all dressed up for his Visa appointment!
Blessings to you all and we will see you soon in person! 

~ Laura

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