Day 1.9

So. Tired. It is 7:15pm in Port-au-Prince, 4:15pm home-time and we are all fighting to keep our eyes open! The kids were absolute troopers today. We learned that our airplane puker last trip was not a fluke. Her belly just doesn’t like long plane flights…and we also discovered Dramamine (thank you Lord). Now I feel terrible for not giving it to her before! 

This trip we flew Portland to Charlotte, NC to Miami, FL to PAP so it was a new sight to see for all of us! We had no troubles and the front desk was able to get all our seats together on this trip down! Tomorrow I will try to attempt to get our seats adjusted for flight home. Prayers appreciated. 

Tomorrow we are scheduled to leave the hotel at 11 to head to the US Embassy for our visa packet pickup, then will drive out to the orphanage to pick up W! Everyone is very excited and we have no idea what to expect. 

Thank you for your prayers! We are having a little snaggle with the 2nd hotel we are supposed to check into tomorrow – turns out they had an issue with the online system and it double booked the room we had reserved. So I’m not quite sure what will happen with that one yet. Thankfully the hotel we are staying in tonight is a partner hotel with that one so the front desk guy here is trying to work it out with the other front desk manager. We love the service here! 

Pray for transitions tomorrow! Between Embassy and hotels, orphanage and saying goodbyes…we aren’t sure what to expect. We know he will be excited but any other emotions are up in the air. 

Pray also for our other kids as well! Pray they will sleep hard tonight and catch up on their lack of a day of sleep! 

Pray for the visa pickup tomorrow morning that it will go quickly and efficiently! We aren’t expecting any snafus but it can always happen. 

I’ll post again tomorrow and let you know how it goes! 🙂


Laura McGreevey

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