Expedited Homestretch!!!!

Ummm so apparently God wants this little guy home early! Lol!

We woke up this morning to emails from the visa office in Haiti letting us know that his visa appointment at 7:30 this morning (4:30am our time) went very well and everything was in order and they expected to have the printed copy of our visa later today! 

Prior to booking flights for next weekend, (we booked them on the drive out to Bend on Friday for Braeden’s baseball tournament) we had looked at flights leaving earlier and they were ridiculous pricing. There would be no way to fly out earlier. 

This morning, I called adoption airfare to see what the horrendous cost would be to fly out early just in case something changed. With our previous booking through adoption airfare, the change fees for flights are discounted greatly – but you still have to pay the difference in flights. 

When she answered the phone and heard my breathless plight, she said “Oh my gosh I haven’t issued the E-tickets yet!” (Due to the holiday weekend she had forgotten to submit them early on this morning). Which meant, she could void all our flights at no cost and rebook new ones if we found them. 

Then, she checked flights for tomorrow on the off-chance that something opened up. Take a wild guess. 🙂

We are flying out tomorrow night!!!

We will arrive in Haiti Thursday, pick up visa and Wesley on Friday, spend a few days at the hotel hanging out and fly home Tuesday June 6th, arriving around midnight! 

We are beyond excited, and in full crazy-town mode! We were staying with friends in Sunriver and frantically packing up while I spent the morning locked in the bedroom making travel arrangements! Haha!

God is SO good – and this just brings full circle His promises to expedite this process! It just looked a little different than we thought 🙂

So. Off to Plan B.  Which is – we drive home from Bend, pick up the dogs, head home to change for softball game (haha), come home, unpack from weekend, rush through laundry, send kids to school tomorrow to check in with teachers and get as much makeup work done as possible, then come home, pack again and fly out tomorrow night!

This is absolutely surreal, my head is swimming! Lol! I thought I’d have a nice week here to prepare, mentally, and physically gather up stuff and clean house making sure it’s all ready to settle in when we get back – yeah. Not gonna happen! 😉

We will keep you posted but I’ll try to blog each day as usual! 🙂

Prayer requests: 

– there’s only one hotel in Haiti that we haven’t heard back from on our accommodation modification and they are difficult to get ahold of. Please pray that they respond positively to confirm our change! 

– pray for clear skies for flights and easy transitions through layovers. The kids to fly overnight this time on the way  there, which is not ideal! And last trip with them we had to fly a scary leg into PAP in the middle of a lightning storm… praying for smooth flights!

– pray for Wesley’s transitions over the next few days! Everything will be new for him, and he’s never been on a plane or even much outside the orphanage neighborhood that he remembers. Living with a new family is going to be fun but a tough transition at times

– pray for our bodies physically! We are exhausted already coming off this Tournament weekend! They boys played amazing and we had tons of fun with the families but it left us all physically wasted. So to fly out tomorrow night on a last minute red-eye is a bit daunting! 😉

– pray for each other! Our friends and family who are preparing to receive this little man into their village!! Pray that God would prepare hearts and arms and people to be flexible and understanding! 

– pray for safe travels HOME!!!! Woohooo!!!!!!
Thank you, Village!!!


~ Laura

2 thoughts on “Expedited Homestretch!!!!

  1. Melissa leifson says:

    soooo thrilled for you!!!! It’s finally here! Every prayer was heard and answered! Would love to stay posted on his transition into your home and family!… then, someday, when our little guy comes home, I may have a bit better understanding and preparation. Travel safe and thank you for sharing this incredible journey! xoxo

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