Countdowns are TERRIBLE.

Seriously. This about feels like carefully pulling a hair off the back of your tongue. A splattering of fear, apprehension, full-on sweats, and nausea all at once! GRRR! 😉

Yesterday marked 4 weeks waiting for Wesley’s passport, and today marks 2 weeks (out of the estimated 6) waiting for our Visa approval/appointment from USCIS. Don’t have these dates on your calendar? Oh trust me. I do. I made a calendar entry each Wednesday and each Thursday marking what week number it is from here through the end of May – just in case I lost count.

It is amazing to me that life around us doesn’t stop or slow down when we are in a weird spot. We feel in our heads that sucking, whoosh of the vacuum of sound and the slowing of the earth – where the silence makes you feel that you’ve gone stark-raving mad, or at least completely deaf. At times it feels jarring when someone asks “how’s it going?” or “what’s new with you lately?” or “what time is the baseball game tomorrow?” and my response honestly is probably so slow and warbled, faded and disoriented that the K-9 team will be sniffing around my person for some green bits of expensive plant matter! As discombobulated as it feels at time, the constant calendar ticking of events and school activities and sports is a life-saver as it is definitely a distraction and keeps us moving rather than planted on our sorry behinds staring with glazed eyes at a blank TV screen.

I’m especially out-of-sorts because I lost one major distraction this past month – I finished school! (Well, some of it.) In mid-March, I completed my last class of my Associates degree at Clark College, and am anxiously awaiting the printed degree of completion to calm my fears that they will find some random assignment that I missed that causes me not to earn the last measly credit hour! LOL! While the original plan was to finish my 4-year Bachelor’s degree, right now the half-way there degree will suffice. Looking ahead, getting into another school commitment while we are expecting Wes to be home is probably not the smartest journey to take! 😉 For now, I am finding myself thoroughly bored and spending way too much time trying to figure out SEO for dummies on my company’s website (It isn’t working too well, my brain doesn’t wrap around all the jargon).

The kids are smack in the middle of Softball and Baseball – Kris coaching both sports – me dutifully sitting in the bleachers, wearing the appropriate team gear, mortifying my children with cheers, and keeping our 2-year-old Labradoodle, Ollie from snatching sno-cones and nacho cheese from unsuspecting ball-field visitors. When we started the season, we had upwards of 70 games between the teams in a span of less than 2 months. I think we’re only at game 10…whew.

We’ve pretty much been drowning like everyone else in this lovely, green Pacific Northwest (probably more applicable to say NorthWET). A few sun breaks here and there are keeping our spirits dragging on til the next ray of light – tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous – PLEASE, Mr. Weatherman, PLEASE BE RIGHT!!!

We’re hoping to see a light at the end of the Passport tunnel either this week or next…they haven’t been taking too long lately, so we’re hoping we’re not going to be an exception on the lengthy side. In the meantime, we still just wait for USCIS approval – it can happen anywhere between weeks 4-7 (they say 6, but every once in awhile they get a fire in their belly and process something quick! Pick me! Pick me!), so until then – we keep counting down weeks, and checking email every 22 seconds. 😉

Thanks for following our journey, and pray for sunshine and miracles! On a purely selfish note, my youngest sister and her husband are moving across the nation to the East Coast, almost as far as you can go the other direction from me – to the other ocean – as she got into Med school there to pursue her nursing degree. While I am so stinkin’ proud of her, I’m also super sad that she’ll be gone for a long while – normally we’d say “goodbye, we love you, have fun and we’ll see you at Christmas!” but the timing of their cross-country travel comes mid-May, right before we are expecting to have Wesley home. My purely selfish, asking-for-a-miracle prayer would be that someway, somehow, he’d get to come home before she leaves, so she can meet this little boy that we’ve prayed over, hoped for, and cried over. I’d love prayer over this possibility – and that if it doesn’t happen, that God will provide a way for them to connect in a personal way very soon.

Blessings and love to you all!

Laura (& family)

If you’d like to check out what my new company, Bél Lavi (“beautiful life” in Haitian Creole) is doing, see below:

10 thoughts on “Countdowns are TERRIBLE.

  1. Hi Amy, we are I-600. We were right on the edge of needing to switch to 800, and so applied, paid $720 filing fee, then got our referral in the nick-of-time! (Go figure) so we stayed I-600 because it was the general consensus that the less transfer and shuffle of paperwork between processes the better. We lost the I-800 fee, but it has been good timeline since our referral (so far!) hoping for our passport this week…the nice thing with 800 process is that they don’t have to wait through 6-8 week visa stage after passport. 800 families just get passport then almost immediate visa appointment then home! (For that reason, I wish we were 800 right now!) where are you at and are you I-800? – Laura

  2. Abe Fisher says:

    Thanks for the your story and timeline. We an i800 family and are on day 135 since our bonding trip. We are waiting to exit IBESR.

    • Thanks for the note! Waiting for exit letter is excrutiating! (As is most other waits in this process!) We will be praying for your family! What agency are you with? – Laura

  3. Abe Fisher says:

    Thank you, we are with Building Arizona Families. Where is your little one located in Haiti. Our daughter is located in Port-au-Prince.

  4. Hi Laura,

    We are waiting with you! Our file was submitted to the embassy (USCIS) on 4/6/17, we received the official email on 4/12/17 stating that it would be approx. 6 weeks for review, so now we are on week 4!! It’s so hard 😦 I’m constantly checking my email and calendar to make sure I’m counting the weeks correctly, lol. I’ll be praying for you, that you get good news soon!

    • Yes! Did you already get your passport?? We are expecting it any day – on absolute pins and needles, borderline obsessive! It will be a miracle if I don’t come out of this process in a straight jacket! 😉 – Laura

      • Yes we have his passport. A scanned copy was sent to us from our agency. I have not heard of any overall delays in passports, so you should have it soon, if not already. I may call the embassy next week to check our status if we don’t hear anything. Two families from my crèche who picked their children up last week told me their approval only took 4 and 5 weeks. I feel your pain! I’m like crazy momma over here, lol!!

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