Happy Birthday, Little Man!

Little Man,

Today was a special day for you, but you probably didn’t even know it! Your morning eyes creaked open and the light looked the same. The flies sounded the same buzzing sleepily around your room, the rustling and sighing of your little friends sleeping near you all sounded the same as every other day. It’s Wednesday, so you probably woke up early, ate some yummy spaghetti (hopefully today of all days you got spaghetti!), and pulled on your uniform for school. I’m sure the sun was hot already and baked you into a sweaty crust as you walked the mile to school with your friends, and I’m sure you had a smile lighting up your face just like yesterday. 

But today, Little Man, today was a special day! Today was your 7th birthday! I know that yesterday you still thought you were five, and five has turned into an infinitely long, long, long stretch. But really, you had your 6th birthday a year ago and you blinked right through it without even knowing! When you come home to the United States, it will seem very silly for many years because nobody lets you forget your birthday. They wake you up with kisses and special breakfast, and everywhere you go somebody sings you a silly happy birthday song! There is lots of sweet sugary things on your birthday and mommy will shake her head no or say, “maybe just one bite!” And then Daddy will give you a big piece of yummy cake in secret when mommy isn’t looking. Then lots of times you get special boxes and bags that are all wrapped up in pretty paper and there’s a surprise inside just for you! Definitely no forgetting about birthdays here. Even when you get old and you WANT to forget your birthday…somebody will still remind you!

Today mommy and daddy and your brother and sisters and Ollie and Bella really really really wished we could be visiting you to sing you the silly birthday song! We know there are other friends visiting the orphanage today and we wanted to send you a video to say hello and we love you, but we were afraid it would make your 7 year old heart sad, because sometimes when you’re 7 you miss your mommy and daddy and brother and sisters and your dogs just a little bit more than when you were 6. So we decided to pray lots today and talk about you a lot too! 

We got some great news today, on your birthday! All your papers are ready for the next office at USCIS and will be getting turned in tomorrow morning! This is very exciting it means we are this close { — } to coming back to pick you up! We wish that day was today, or yesterday, or the day before so we could sing you happy birthday today. We will sing lots of happy birthday songs when you come home, to make up for each one that you forgot before! 

Oh Little Man, we miss you so much and are so excited that we will be seeing you soon! We are praying that God would let us come pick you up in May! That is next month!! We need to pray lots and lots that mommy doesn’t get too grumpy while we wait. 

We love you, Wesley Wadnelson, and as your 7-year old eyes rest in the quiet peacefulness of the dark tonight, we are praying that your big boy heart is full of love. Remember that we love you very very much and we will see you soon!

Happy Birthday, sweet boy! 


Mommy, Daddy, Braeden, Logan, and Abby (and Ollie and Bella too!) (and all of your new family and friends waiting here to give you hugs and kisses and play with you!)

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Little Man!

  1. Melissa kirkwood says:

    Yes we do little man! We love you already and wish you the most beautiful of birthdays yet. You will definitely have the party of your dreams when you are home with the Kirkwood’s right next door! I love cake and your Daddy and sister are by far some of the best bakers in town. Happy Birthday sweet boy. Jackson and Sophia are patiently waiting to spend long long days of running, playing, and being wild and crazy with you.

    Melissa, Daniel, Jackson, & Sophia 💕

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