Day 2 – nan hotel 

It’s 9:30 here, I’m finally writing this with my thumbs on my phone’s WordPress app, because Mr. I’m-Not-Tired and his daddy just finally moved into deep breathing and snoring (respectively). I figure I’ve got about 6 minutes til my thumbs go numb or my eyes just close. 😉

Great day, long day, hot day!! This morning we got up, went down to breakfast, then straight out to meet our new translator & driver. The translator is part of a brothers duo called The Alphonse Brothers ( if you need transportation in Haiti I highly recommend them already!) very engaged, pleasant, and happy to quiz us on Creole the whole day! 🙂

We shopped at Apparent Project, and then headed over to the orphanage. When we got there it was near silent (really odd) – turns out no one was at home today, everyone went to school – except for Wesley Wadnelson who we found waiting in the hallway for us! They knew we were coming so they kept him home! We said hellos quickly to his nanny and then got him dressed and talked for a few minutes about the “plan”. We asked him if he wanted to go to the hotel with us to which he immediately nodded emphatically and said YES! 😉

He got in the car with us and we drove off – sitting him on our laps so he could see out the window. He was enthralled by most everything – the people and the bustle of market shops and tap taps, he doesn’t get to see it very often. When we finally got up to Petionville area, it was awesome because you can see the massive green mountains and the houses built right into the side – When he first saw the mountains and the houses his eyes got huge and he let out an “ohhhhh!” In awe! We realized that he lives in this beautiful country and he had never seen the beautiful landscape outside of city streets! It was a great moment. When we finally got to the hotel (loooooong drive. Probably with traffic almost an hour, if not longer.) he was so excited to be there! The entryway is gigantic and beautiful and he got a kick out of the hotel room key 😉 that is now his job whenever we come back to the room! He has pretty much eaten all day long. Snacks, half a plate of spaghetti, a quarter of a hamburger, three small slices of pizza, and more snacks. It is never ending! I’m afraid he’s going to puke! Lol

We had the most memorable time so far when we figured out that he was most excited to swim In the pool. He was practically giddy about his swim trunks that I brought for him and pretty much danced his way right down to the pool – I have not seen his personality like this yet so being alone doing this stuff is so cool!! He had absolutely NO fear of the water and swimming and within 2 seconds in the water was full face in, holding his breath trying to swim everywhere. He was a fish! Giggles and laughter and pure dedication. This kid has the most determination in a little body I’ve seen in a long time! The funniest part of swimming (and saddest/cutest) was that after about 15 min he was FREEZING. Shaking and chattering! We tried to get him out but he refused, so he swam to get warm! He has literally no insulation in his body because he is so skinny, so it’s completely understandable. After about 30 min we finally coaxed him into a towel and took him upstairs to warm up and dry off. It took him probably 45 minutes under full comforter and sheets with a sweatshirt on to get warm! We watched Disney’s Cars movie while he was in the warmer. He was fully engrossed but I’m not sure if he understood a thing!!

We face timed our kids twice with him, which was adorable, and built legos for EVER. It was a long one and I kept falling asleep. 

Tomorrow the plan is “keep busy” 😉  and eat lots of food. 😉 

Hoping for a good nights sleep and that he doesn’t wake up scared in the night in a strange place. I have worrisome fears that he will sleepwalk right out the door while I’m asleep. Thankfully I’m the lightest sleeper in the universe so I’m all practicality that won’t happen. Haha!

Ok. More tomorrow, for now I’m going to try to sleep. 



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