Trip #4 Day 1.5

It is 6:30pm Haiti time, 3:30 back home on the West coast. Interesting factoid – A handful of years ago Haiti decided to do away with Daylight Savings Time, which means that half the year, they are 2 hours ahead of PST and the other half they are 3 hours ahead! Right now, they are still 3 hours ahead for a few more weeks!

I’m literally fighting a roll of drool that is threatening to slide down my cheek, and my eyelids keep taking a 30-second blackout between blinks. WE ARE SO TIRED!!! Delta Airlines, if you’re listening, please please please bring back your West Coast to East Cast early morning flight!! UGH.

Since we landed in PAP, it’s been great and we have gotten to see a whole other side of Haiti! Our hotel this time is nestled way up on a hillside in Petionville, which is a “nicer” area, with paved roads and lots of “finished” homes, meaning the cinderblocks are all poured and they have an iron gate! LOL

There was a ton more tropical-feel flora and fauna, MASSIVE palm trees, and communites just cut right into the side of the hillsides! It took us about 45 minutes to get from the airport to the hotel (quite different than our normal “quick 5 minute drop off).

**Interjection. This bed is not helping. I don’t think I have ever laid down on a bed more comfortable than this one!! It is amazing, and those of you who have stayed in Haiti’s PAP Servotel, you know how horribly uncomfortable the beds are normally at Serv.!

The hotel is gorgeous – not at all what you would expect to see up here, it is tucked away in a neighborhood area, and the surroundings make me feel like i’m a disney movie. Crazy beautiful!

We explored the grounds after dinner and found the best view on the property! It looks out at the hillside where houses just look like they are growing out of the ground all up the hil! Beautiful!

Tomorow’s plan is to eat breakfast, get ready and meet our new driver/translator team out front! Then its off to apparent project to pick up new inventory while Wes is at school, then we will go meet him at the orphanage!

Pray for fun times tomorrow, easy conversation, incredible bonding, and some good quiet time!

For now, I’m going to go drool into my pillow and sleep 12 hours.



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