Trip #4 coming in 30 hours…

I feel like it’s been forever since I posted! No further updates for us – this week is Carnival week in Haiti – which means EVERYTHING shuts down, and EVERYONE has parties… Well, it feels like that anyway. Most offices (government and anyone who has magical authoritative powers to sign documents and release them) are closed Monday – Weds and some through Thursday as well.

Kris and I are off to Port-au-Prince again tomorrow night (Weds.) for a quick long-weekend-jaunt into 93 degree sunshine and a little almost-7-year-old’s arms! Can’t wait! It seems like an eternity since we last saw him, hard to believe that was 3 months ago. Some adoptive families can’t go visit their kids multiple times during the process, and I am SO thankful that this is an option available for us – I can’t even imagine what our lives and process would be like if we had not seen him in almost a year! CRAZINESS. My heart breaks for those families who are missing their little ones!

We will be sure to keep this updated (as usual) every night during the trip! And this time – with REAL LIVE PHOTOS (as long as wifi works) of his gorgeous little face! 🙂 We also will have him with us during most of our (very short) stay, so we’ll be able to have more mommy-daddy one-on-2 time without prying eyes and 43 sets of hands grabbing everything we are trying to do! We’re packing all of his favorite things that we normally bring and tossing in a few extra surprises!

A huge hiccup this trip is that our normal driver/translator setup isn’t available, so we had to book our own transportation and translation which is super nerve wracking! I’m sure it will be totally fine, but anything out of the “routine” makes me want to breathe into a paper bag for a few hours. In addition, we are staying at a new hotel with a bit more room to move and explore with Wesley (Wadnelson), so it will largely be a new experience this trip!

Something exciting that just launched is – if you visit the site, you’ll see some familiar pieces in the shopping section! I decided to transition my Haitian-goods sales into an online marketplace format, complete with the Business License and official mumbo jumbo! 🙂 It is in its very early stages of soft launch, but feel free to browse, shop and email me if something seems like it’s in error! (I’m sure there’s a few of those).

Please just be aware that we won’t be back in town to ship anything until March 7th, so shipping may be delayed a few days. Each piece on the site is handcrafted in Haiti, just like the 2nd Story and Apparent Project/Papillon goods that you’ve seen before! You’ll see familiar piece, but I’ve added a new vendor, and will continue adding other vendors as business grows. I’m picking up more inventory while we are in Haiti, so watch for more new products being uploaded late next week! Please please please share the site, the links, the photos, pin them to your pinterest, follow the instagram, the facebook, etc. – any movement helps!

I’m also attempting to launch a fundraising option via this site for adoptive families – one of the hardest things for families right now with these types of fundraisers is that all inventory has to be purchased up front – at pretty high cost. Many times, if you don’t sell it, you’re stuck with it. My goal is to create a program where families can fundraise through this site, accessing several different vendors and styles, without having to purchase anything themselves. Anyway – if you’re an adoptive family and interested, click the Contact Us link on the page and let me know to put you on the alert list when it’s ready!

Lastly, we still have TONS of fresh coffee!! FEED YOUR HABIT – we’ll ship and deliver as soon as we get back – but get your orders in now in case everyone else has the same idea! LOL Coffee can still be ordered via the square site at

Prayers appreciated for our trip – while we love Haiti and would love to be able to experience “REAL” Haiti, I certainly don’t want to end up stranded in a foreign country. (Trust me, when I can’t fall asleep at night that potential story gets extremely complex in my head…)

Blessings to all!

Laura & Family

2 thoughts on “Trip #4 coming in 30 hours…

  1. alicat06 says:

    Hey Laura! We get to meet our little girl this weekend! We will be in PAP on Friday. May cross your path! We have a friend who is a great driver/translator. If you get stuck, email me and I’ll get you his contact info. Praying for a great trip! Alison

    • So exciting!!!! I’m going to email you for details!!!congrats!!
      *** nvm I can’t find your email address lol! Email me if you have mine or find my hubby on Facebook messenger. Kris McGreevey 🙂

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