Fresh Roast!

We decided to take a field trip this morning, and took our kids down to the roaster! Figured if we are out of beans, everyone else is probably a walking zombie right now! Need. Good. Coffee. 😉

Braeden and Kris are showing us the ropes, while I am obnoxiously documenting each step! 

The process from green bean to roasty-toasty is an art to be mastered for sure!
Green beans in..

The green beans bounce around in the roaster, and you can watch in the little round window and check the color of your beans. The wooden handle pulls out with a sample of beans so you can check your progress face-to-bean. 

Beans are browning, color changing

Sorry for the ambient noise…but maybe you’ll hear the “first crack” if you listen close!

The gas heat inside, heats the beans up to about 420 degrees 

Done! Now they get emptied into this rotating vat to cool. 

As the arms spin and cool the beans, Braeden picks out any burnt ones that might ruin your morning cup…

Minor adjustments and “close monitoring”

Done! Yes, your beans were in this yellow tub before they went into your cup. Oh and they were probably in a (CLeAN) cement mixer, for efficiently mixing up the blend of beans!

Blend! In a Rubbermaid bin! 😉

Weigh, bag, and seal! 

Twisty ties for your convenience, and box ’em up!

Taking them home to label, and they will be ready for pickup!

We’ve got single origin Ethiopia, a Bolivia/Papua New Guinea blend, and a handful of Mexico decaf!

Order away! Square site should be updated shortly, when it is, I’ll post the link! 


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