I just realized that since we have our decree…there’s no reason I can’t post videos so you can hear his sweet voice and the voices of the children and language surrounding him each and every day! This video is one of my favorites, because for the last three visits, we use an English phrase with him consistently to encourage him when he works hard and completes a task or scores a goal, or shows us something he can do! This video goes along with the blog post from our early December trip, when he got to taste (and obsess over) handi snacks for the first time! 🙂 love this boy…


Just for reference, this grey REI backpacker’s backpack has seen us through many hot and sweaty Haitian suns 🙂 every day we cram it full of snacks and activities, Kleenex, Advil and water…it becomes the treasure box for Wesley Wadnelson to rifle through each day to see what fun things he has to work with for the day!

Kris and I are tentatively planning a quick few-day trip back down the first week of March – can’t wait to see him – it has been too long!! Praying for a few more loose pieces to fall in place before we can book it.

Thank you for continuing to pray with us as we trust God to move us out of our current wait in MOI! Praying for words of movement soon!

If this video works, I’ll try to find a few more to post in the next few days 😉 I have to be careful that there are no cameos of other children in them, as that isn’t allowed 😉



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