Made In Haiti Leather bags/wristlets in stock!

Hi everyone!

We have no further news to share, other than that we are still praying ourselves through the MOI process…we’re almost 2 weeks into that phase which can be 3 weeks – 3 months long! (praying for the 3 week timeline… LOL)

I did want to post that I have more leather bags in stock from 2nd Story Goods – the organization provides jobs for Haitian men and women so that they can provide for their families. These bags are “imperfectly perfect” all created by hand in Haiti! Our current stock includes the following:

Leather stock: (pictured below)

2 Leather tote bags in a light cognac color – $81 each

2 butter yellow leather tote bag – $81 each

Leather wristlet (matches Leather tote bag light cognac color) – $20 each (need to order, approx 2 week turnaround)

1 butter yellow leather wristlet (matches tote) – $20 each

1 butter yellow leather crossbody bag – $30 each

1 black leather journal (blank) – $20 each


Accessories: (pictured below)

Beaded Bracelets – $8 each (specify color/description)

(2 pair) metal/leather disc earrings – $10 each

Necklaces – $20 each (specify color/description)

9 Aluminum Cuff bracelet Plain – $10

1 Aluminum Cuff bracelet “Haiti” – $10

Cosmetic pouch – $10


Please email Laura at if you would like to order – we can ship if needed – shipping cost will be added. We can email you an invoice from our Square account, and can accept card payment for anyone who is not local! We only have these limited quantities right now so first people to email get first pick! 🙂

Thanks everyone! Praying we’ll have an amazing update in the next couple weeks 🙂




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