Saturday open house

Just a quick note, many of you received an Evite from us this week – we tried to remember as many emails as we could for those who are nearby! – as our kids are putting on an open house from 10-4 this Saturday for coffee pre-order pickup, new coffee purchases (the boys roasted 97 lbs of coffee tonight!!!) and the girls will be helping our guests do some Christmas shopping from our Apparent Project curated collection 😉

If you are nearby and would like to stop in, our recommendation is come early if you are wanting to shop our Apparent Project pieces – and place your coffee orders online on Braeden’s Square site to make sure yours is reserved! (There should be extra bags avail here on Saturday, but better safe than sorry!)

When checking out on the square site, if you would like to pick up your beans, please go into your cart and select the “shipping” link in blue. It will drop down an option for pickup. Check that box and check that also for any other items in your cart. That way, when you check out you won’t be charged shipping!

If you ordered your beans last week, they all shipped out this morning! If you need to order again before Christmas they will get to you in time!

Thank you for your continued prayers. We got an update this week on our decree – which basically was “nothing yet, just waiting on signature!” We are prayerfully hoping for next week! …yet again! 😉

Here’s a sampling of photos of our apparent project pieces – just a few photos of the many different things avail! If there are any leftover after Saturday I will post them on our square site for purchase, and they will be able to be shipped as well.




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