Trip 3, Day 3: Final Day at O

FYI this is Sunday’s post! Had more issues with wifi last night 😉

Another great day today, our last visiting with W for this trip. We head out tomorrow around 1:30pm, and then arrive home around midnight PST, (so 3am for our freshly adjusted bodies…haha).

Different day, same things – sometimes I feel like I’m on replay here on the posts for everyone! We were able to ride in the borrowed vehicle again today, windows down, breeze ruffling our hair, freshly baked bread smells wafting in around every corner…

Okay, that’s a total lie, but it sure sounded relaxing didn’t it?  The vehicle is borrowed and the windows were down, but the rest is a nice crock. 🙂 The breeze through the car is nice, but it comes with its cons. First, the constant billowing of super-fine rock and dirt-dust rides the clouds of air “ruffling” your hair. And, ruffling is a quite cinematic explanation for “put your hair in a ponytail or you’ll end up with a crazy hair-do full of dirt by the time you get there”. 🙂 (I’m secretly in love with all things associated with feeling the unabridged breeze, dirt, sights and sounds of this country!) Also, the freshly baked bread smell is a little exaggerated, mostly you smell the exhaust from the hundred massive military-size/style dump trucks, tap-taps and other vehicles that definitely have not been monitored by DEQ, in addition to past week’s trash that’s discarded along the road, the wild dogs and massive black pigs and goats rooting through the trash piles. Occasionally you’ll actually be able to smell the delicious flaky crusts of pate poulet (chicken pate) that edge their way around the smoggy air and find their way to your grumbling stomach. I haven’t figured out a way to convince our driver/translator team to stop for one yet…

Today is Sunday, and most of the people on the street all day were fancied up in their church clothes, and we loved having windows down this morning because every time we passed a church (which is often here) you could hear a chorus of voices singing songs together! It was beautiful! We asked our translator if we could go to church with him next time we are here – he said no problem! 🙂 If I can manage to pull that one off I will be ecstatic!

It was a nice, quiet morning today, as most of the kids were at church – so we got to spend a great morning playing transformers, and cars! (We brought him Optimus Prime today, which resulted in a chorus of yells and whistles and as much screaming as 5-10 year old boys do…apparently they enjoy transformers and have watched the cartoon (i’m assuming) on a computer that the orphanage owns…but their favorite one is Optimus. I think because you just can’t kill him. He always rises back up!) The most entertaining part of playing cars and transformers was the sound effects and the boom/pow translations in Creole! We did hear “misle” (missle) and some really cool bomb exploding noises, and some “pew pew pew” of shooting at enemy hot wheels cars. At one point, they got creative and took a red ornament ball from the Christmas tree and dropped the “bomb” on the bad guys…haha! One thing we say over and over while we are here… “well, that would be why things are always broken around here!” yeah. playtime gets really violent…without really intending to be violent, they just need some kind of outlet, and it is much better that they take it out on toys and toothpaste tubes than on their friends!

We tried really hard today to encourage him to say things to us in Creole, and then we would repeat it in English for him to learn the English…especially when he was asking for something. It was slow going the first couple times but after that he got the hang of it! He would say one word, like “car”, and we would say, “ask Mommy (or daddy) in Creole…say it in Creole!” and he would respond, “machin”, and we would say “tell mommy what you want – “Kisa ou vle fe? In Creole” – and he would say “Mwen vle ale nan car” (I want to go in the car) or “mwen grangou. Mwen vle Nutella” and then we would repeat it in creole, then translate out loud in English to show him we understood and he’d repeat it in English – it worked very well! At one point, he saw the lego box we brought in the car, and got SUPER excited. This kid LOVES legos 🙂 So we took the big box of legos upstairs and ate lunch quickly so that he could build his lego machin ak de moto. (car and two motorcycles)

That provided about an hour’s worth of downtime, with building and then playing with the finished products – he was so happy! He tried to talk me into letting him keep the set with him when we were leaving but I talked him into letting me keep it safe on his bed at our house 🙂

We temporarily fixed the Christmas Tree today (my apologies to whoever attempts to take it apart in January) but the kids were excited that it was all standing (sort of) again! Today we got to show some of our little friends a few videos from their family at home with birthday wishes, and I almost lost it – the kids were all smiles, and wanted to watch the videos again (especially the ones from their older brothers – sorry mom and dad!). I have known these kids now for 6 months and I have not seen them any happier than when they were looking at their families talking to them on the screen! Such a sweet moment! They were giggling and happy the rest of the afternoon!

We changed something today to test our new name…we called him by both his new and current name together all day whenever we were talking to him, and he didn’t seem to mind a bit! In fact, some of his other friends began calling him by his new name also – seems like they were trying to see how they liked it! LOL – he seems very happy and not bothered by it at all – I don’t think a name transition will be too difficult, and if he ever decides he wants to go back to using his given Haitian name, it will still be a normal part of his life and records!

Our goodbye today was a bit different, he hung around our necks and didn’t want to let go when it was time for us to leave, then said his goodbyes to us, while following us to the car. I got in and sat down, and then leaned out to give him one last hug goodbye and then he promptly looked at me with a matter-of-fact expression and said, “machin” and began climbing up into the car. I was bewildered for a second, as he’s never even really given much of a second glance to us leaving besides hugs and saying goodbye. But then he repeated again and again “Machin. Machin.” trying to continue to climb up with me in the car. I had to carefully pick him up and set him down outside the car and tell him that mommy and daddy had to go home, and that today he has to stay here with his Nanny. He blinked his eyes a few times, and turned around and walked away to go back inside. That was a tough moment that I wasn’t prepared for at all! He has never asked to come with us, aside from some older-boys prompting to ask to stay at the hotel with us…but he was insistent about wanting to get in the car with us to leave.

We hate this part of it. The leaving, and the leaving again, and the leaving again. It probably is the toughest part of the process. We are praying constantly that the process to come be quick and end soon.

We had the added blessing of sharing our dinner table with some adoptive parents on their bonding trip for their little girl. They just arrived in PAP today, and are heading to our orphanage tomorrow to spend 2 weeks with their newest family member. We got to share stories, tips, but just share the same space and conversation with another family who is on a parallel journey! It was great to meet new friends (we only have “met” them on our agency’s online haiti adoptive families site), and to hopefully be an encouragement to someone else embarking on this crazy journey of love!

I know that most of you don’t know them, but if you can steal a moment just to lift them up in prayer, they have a big day tomorrow meeting their little one for the first time!

Tomorrow we head home to our stateside 3, and rush off to finish our Christmas preparations! (I can’t believe it is December 4th!!! Where did this year go??)

Blessings to all,


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