Coffee ordering

We now have incredibly roasted and toasted coffee beans coming out our ears! Braeden and Kris roasted 75 lbs of coffee and sold almost the entire batch within 24-hours. So…we’re roasting another massive batch as soon as we are back from Haiti, mid-week next week (around Dec. 6th/7th). If you’ve ordered already, we’re trying to get some orders out this weekend, but most likely they will ship out Tuesday morning. We did not expect this incredible amount of support from around the country! Absolutely incredible! Up until this point, most of our sales have been local, but this batch blew us out of the water 🙂

We’ve opened up our inventory, to included next week’s roast, so order away! This makes amazing Christmas gifts, but make sure to order extra for your own home, because it tastes fantastic! Please click the image below to be re-routed to our coffee ordering page!


Those of you wondering why this logo and name is different, Braeden is launching “Big Brother Coffee” as a label under McGreevey & Sons Coffee Co., so that he can track his own fundraising sales. He is really excited to work on this project, so thank you all for supporting our kids and our family! Raise a mug to caffeination! 🙂

(BTW, we made it here safely to the hotel in Port-au-Prince, I’ll blog later tonight!)


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