Trip 3:Day.0000001

We’re sitting at the gate ready to board – as usual the late-night flight is delayed! We are already exhausted, but so excited to see W again! 

Today was a bit rocky for us, over Thanksgiving break 2 of 3 kids came down with the nasty respiratory cold, prompting our 3rd (youngest) to wake up this morning in absolute misery. Thank the Lord for her two grandmas that are going to take over the daytime hang-out-with-Grandma-and-play-hooky hours with little Miss Sickie. Bummer! Hard to leave when your kids are sick, we are fighting the guilt of leaving them without mommy and daddy while they are needing comfort but thankful we have great family to step in and love on them! 

Our flight will arrive in Port-au-Prince about 2:20pm Haiti-time tomorrow. Our plan is just to head straight to the hotel, eat and sleep! These red-eyes are not friendly!

Please continue to pray with us that we would receive our decree while we are there! I know I sound like a sap but I brought Jammie’s, a stuffed cozy lion, socks and a sweatshirt/sweatpants just in case he gets to stay with us! I even have an extra toothbrush! At least God can’t say “I thought you might not be prepared…” lol!

Okay. They are calling zone 3, time to cram in and snag an armrest. There is a super yappy dog in someone’s luggage at this gate. NOT what you want to hear boarding an 11pm flight across the country…Kris said it’s my seat mate. I am taking a prayer against that as priority even above a decree at the moment!! 

By the way, Braeden (our son) and Kris roasted about 75lbs of coffee on Tuesday night and it is already almost sold out! 

We have decided to open up the inventory restrictions and just do another roast when we get back next week – so order away! Here is the link to our square store:



One thought on “Trip 3:Day.0000001

  1. Have a great time…W needs you and your hubby’s love so close to Christmas! Can’t wait to read about your time there! Prayers being sent from Canada to you and your family!

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