Checking in

Here we are, almost to Thanksgiving already! How did this happen?? In one week we will have lived in our new house an entire year! Which means, Christmas will be here faster than ever. I love Christmas. My absolute favorite time of year! I’m pretty sure this will be me when I get old:


We are at week 7 waiting for our Decree. It is terrible, I’ll be honest. I’m back to the every few minute refresh on my mail app, jumping at every iphone buzz. I HATE this feeling. It’s like revisiting the wait for the referral all over again. I want it to be over. The last family to get a decree that we know of waited only 5 weeks and that was WITH Hurricane Matthew stirring things up! UGH. I’m the most impatient person in the universe already, so me + extra long wait = ??? (insert any horrible awful thing here, pretty much the safest bet is meet me every time you see me with a cup of coffee and a fun-size Butterfinger. LOL)

We’re still expecting the decree any day, but tomorrow is a holiday in Haiti and Sunday is their election so it is my guess that if the court appointment hasn’t already happened, there may be yet another delay in store for our [patiently waiting??!] selves. We would appreciate intense prayer that NOTHING would delay this further! We are just about done with the wait. We’re ready to come home already!

Wanted to give a heads up – Many of you have been ordering pieces from 2nd Story Goods’ collection of handmade-in-Haiti jewelry, accessories, etc. Thank you! It has been really fun to be able to bring part of the country we’ve grown to love back into the hands of our family and friends!

If you weren’t able to pick up any of the pieces I had on hand, I will be placing another order in the next few days. If you’re interested in anything for Christmas gifts, etc. please let me know ASAP! While you can order directly from the 2nd Story Goods site, it helps our fund to place the order through us – plus then I get to peek at all the stuff you’re getting, and that’s, like, WAY fun. I’ll have you email me a list of the items and quantities you want, and it is usually a week or so turnaround from the date I place the order.

Right now, our kids are all raising money so that they can pay for their travel back to Haiti with us when it is time to pick up W to bring him home! (we’re still hoping for Spring 2017). The original plan was for Kris and I to travel alone to pick him up on a quick in-and-out trip, but when they changed the requirements last month, now they require a 6-day stay in-country for the pick-up trip. The kids all decided that they did NOT want to be left behind and that they wanted at least one more chance to visit their little brother’s first home/country and say hello/goodbye to all his and their friends! Hence their refreshed interest in business ventures!

We will be roasting a massive batch of coffee from our label “McGreevey & Sons” on Nov. 28th! Those of you who have been customers in the past – your days of waiting are almost over! 😉


We are pre-selling 1-lb bags of our newest Adoption Blend! These 1-lb whole bean blends are amazing for Christmas gifts! They will be a medium roast from a blend of origins and will be selling at $15/lb. Feel free to email us your order, or check the McGreevey & Sons coffee link for the square ordering. (It may take a couple days to set up for the new batch, so my apologies if it isn’t quite ready when you click it!) Braeden (our 14-year old) is going to be taking over the coffee business for awhile for his fundraising, (his label is “Big Brother Coffee”) and I’m going to assist the girls in working with the 2nd Story Goods and Apparent Project/Papillon Enterprise accessories for their fundraisers! If you are a family member or close friend and have household projects that you’re hiring for, let them know! Braeden also started window-washing (he is quite good at it) and gave our previous window-washing company a run for their money! 🙂

Kris and I are getting excited to go visit W again, we will be in-country just a short stint, Dec. 1st – 5th. We are PRAYING mightily that we’ll receive our decree before then so that we can have flexibility to take W from the orphanage to hang out with us outside of its property-line.

Thank you for your well-wishes, prayers and encouragement! We’re hopeful that we will hear something soon!

Please send an email if you’re interested in ordering coffee or 2nd Story Goods items, or if you’re interested on being on the invite for a Christmas Shopping open house (assuming I can get to Apparent Project during our limited length of stay!). I’m trying to get a collection of jewelry, accessories, and christmas ornaments for gifting.


~Laura & Family

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