2nd Story Goods

Our time spent in Haiti has caused us to be very aware of needs there, and the dangers of tourism and “good intentions” of donors and consumers alike. We have heard many times “if you want to do something for Haiti, do not bring in supplies that you can purchase there” and “support local business as much as possible”. You have heard us talk about The Apparent Project and their organization’s purpose to provide income and jobs for local Haitians so that they can support their own families.

After our last trip down, we knew we would probably be huge advocates for their company and the companies that produce some of the products they carry in-store. One such company/organization is called 2nd Story Goods. I actually met the owners on our last flight into Haiti, as I happened to be wearing a hammered metal bracelet that they immediately recognized as one of their products (I had purchased it our first trip down). When we got home, and as I wore pieces from their collections, I had so many comments from people asking where to get them! Both Apparent Project and 2nd Story Goods both have beautiful pieces, jewelry, home decor, metal work, etc. and all made by local Haitian employees in-country.

I ordered in a small selection of their items, and I will try to order different ones (or a few of the same if I get multiple requests) next time around when these are gone. We have Square, so cards can be accepted. I haven’t set up these specific items in Square yet, so if you are interested, please email me directly at lcmcgreevey@gmail.com and I’ll get the item set up so you can purchase it! Through purchasing these items you are directly supporting Haiti’s people, through 2nd Story, and contributing to our adoption fund as well!

You can check out their site at 2ndstorygoods.com and read all about their mission and vision! Everything is handmade and “imperfectly perfect” due to the nature of the hands-on production process. 

If you want to order, it helps us out if you order directly from us – it is a pretty quick turnaround time!

Right now, I have limited quantity of the following:


Hammered Aluminum Cuff (I wear mine every day) – $10

Leather Feathers Necklace – $24


Victoria Necklace (pendant style, long) – $24


I have a few Leather pieces that I ordered for myself – and am happy to place an order for additional pieces if anyone is interested! Please email me directly.

Leather Tote – $81 (there are limited quantities avail of these, so speak now if you want one! I believe there are only 5-7 left in stock to order!) (the Haiti tassel keychain is removable) I’ve already got 2 orders for these so tell me quick if you want to add one on! They will be sold out in a few days most likely!

Leather Wristlet – matching!! (Pouch) -$15



If you see anything else on their website that you are interested in, let me know and I’ll do my best to get it ordered! If we have good response, we may also partner as wholesalers with The Apparent Project, and have a collection of their clay and glass bead jewelry and some metal art as well.

Again, if you are interested in any of these, email me directly! I have only a few of these pieces on hand, but if I get a bunch of requests I’ll order more. Again, anything can be paid for via Square (once I set it up for you) or cash/check if you’re local.

Here’s a couple shots of the info tags from 2nd Story Goods


Thanks everyone!


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