Hi Everyone, thank you for your patience as we settle back into “life” here ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m going to try to post photos from our trip, and I’ll try to add captions so you can mentally reference them back to things that I posted during the trip!

Just so you’re aware (as most of you probably are…) there is a huge hurricane sweeping through the caribbean right now – Hurricane Matthew. So far the orphanage and its charges are assumed safe until we hear differently. The orphanage is located in the country up in the hills a bit, so while they will get some crazy wind and potentially damaging rain, our hope is that it won’t cause too much damage. Please be praying for families and people in the lower country, and on the coastlines as many of them to not have adequate shelter available to sit out a category 4 hurricane. For most of them there is no such thing as “hurricane-rated” standards when building. We’ll keep this posted if we hear of anything else, but please pray hard for the country, and its people!

On a selfish note – (almost embarrassing to ask, but because I’m truly transparent I’ll be honest about my own prayers) please pray also that God will protect the IBESR, the Courthouses, the US Embassy, and any other locations and persons that may be keeping irreplaceable documents, files, etc. Hundreds upon hundreds of families and children depend on these documents safety to bring their children home and to continue to protect them. Please pray that they would be DRY, UNDAMAGED, and that those areas keeping them would be safe from harm.

This country truly cannot afford another natural disaster!

Okay, here’s as many photos as I can post right now, when I find more, I’ll do another post. Each photo should have a caption so I think you can click each one.

Blessings, talk to you all soon!


6 thoughts on “Photos

  1. gettingstronger says:

    You all have been on my mind and was so glad to find your blog today. Thinking of you and praying for everything to be safe and sound. I think of you all often and I’m so happy to see all the joyous news and pictures. You are an amazing and beautiful family โค๏ธ

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