Leavin’…on a jet plane…

Plans are wheeled, dealed, and sealed! (I know that’s not a real word, “dealed”, but it was what rhymed!) Hotel is booked, flights purchased, and suitcases ready to load! Thankfully, there was a last minute spot at our previous hotel (which we loved!) so we get to take the kids to the same spot we were at last trip! Great move, we think, as that is what is most familiar to us – so the day-to-day will be easier knowing what the “schedule” is and already having somewhat of a routine!

We head down to Haiti to visit W next Thursday, the 22nd! We also snagged an extra day there, so we get to spend 4 days at the orphanage all together with one day of travel on each end! We are all on the edge of our seats ready for a wild ride together! Last minute preparations are being made, (I’ll be glad for no last-minute international flights for awhile…stressful!), and we’re quickly making lists for target and the dollar store to find little treasures to take with us for W’s friends, to keep all of us busy while we’re there!

One week countdown starts today!

Thanks for all your prayers, we’ll for sure be posting daily while we are traveling! (one of my favorite parts about this blog!)


~Laura & Family

2 thoughts on “Leavin’…on a jet plane…

  1. alicat06 says:

    Ooh! I’m so excited for y’all! Keep us posted! I finally re-did (is that a word?) my blog, if you’re interested! sparrowheritage.com

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