God’s Promises are Real

Last Wednesday, we received an unexpected promise from the Lord – to those of you who are immediately skeptical – trust me, its how we humans roll. Skepticism runs in our blood, and for me personally, I feel like I can be even more jaded than most. A dear, old friend of mine, (she is a dear, but she is not old in age, just in our friendship!) felt led to send me some promises that God gave her for us. I cried like a baby when I read them, and both Kris and I felt strongly that this was directly meant for us. God’s promises (in a nutshell, the diced version) were that the process with our son would be expedited, and that our son would be released into our arms; that what had held up the process would be released and broken and that NOW was the time for these changes and this movement.

As Kris and I went into the weekend with those promises given, we knew that now was the time, and that we needed to all be together as a family with our son. We felt strongly that God was going to either give us our Exit Letter, or He would allow the policy to be changed so that we could go visit our son with our other kids, and be together the six of us for a visit in Haiti. We had many talks over the weekend – together and with others, reminding us that God is faithful, and when He gives direction and gives a promise, He doesn’t do so flippantly.

This morning, at 10am, while trying to wrangle our 55lb labradoodle, Ollie, finish a cup of coffee and spend time with a great friend – I received an excited voicemail from our Agency coordinator – a complete surprise to the agency, as they were not expecting it – they had received our Exit Letter from IBESR this morning! Praise the LORD!!!!!

I immediately told the friend, chucked the coffee and called Kris, as my friend and I fast-walked our dogs back to the house, holding back tears and feeling a solid rush of thankfulness, in awe of God’s tangible promises!

If you happen to be a teacher at our kids’ school, or happen to see our kids at any point today before the bell rings – please don’t say anything!! LOL We are going to pick up our kids together from school, take them out for a treat and tell them the good news! They will all FREAK out for sure. This is what they have been praying for daily since we got back from Haiti and we all found out that we couldn’t travel without an exit letter! They have been dying to meet their little brother!

We are looking at traveling for 5 days all together at the end of the month – this gives 2 days of travel as it is a 12-hour travel day, and three days at the orphanage with W – but airfare is NOT cheap this close to travel dates! On a whim, I looked at traveling this weekend, and each ticket was over $1,300. TIMES FIVE TRAVELERS! HAHA – yeah right. By waiting a week or two, the price cuts in half, but it is still expensive to travel and that doesn’t include hotel stay – so we need to figure that out. As soon as we have that nailed down, we will get all our ducks in a row to travel with ALL OUR KIDS!! Seriously, we are still in awe of this outcome!

This news comes as bittersweet for many, as there are many families we know in this process who have been waiting over a year for their file to exit IBESR. Many times there is not a clear answer as to why the process is stalled, or why things are not moving. Please continue to join us in prayer for these families who are still left behind in this process. It can be extremely agonizing to endure the emotional turmoil when you have waited so long for something and watch others move beyond you when they have not endured everything you have had to endure. We experienced this while we waited for our referral and we know it is very difficult.

We ask for prayer for our scattered brains and schedules, and finances that we weren’t quite prepared to have to cover at the moment (in addition to travel costs, there is also the next large lump of payment to the Agency for this next portion of the program fees), plus pulling kids out of school right after they start is always a bit disconcerting! (Thankfully we are at a school that is completely understanding and supportive of our process and they will be overjoyed to be reading this news!!!)

Thank you again for coming alongside our family, for sharing in the funny moments, the tears, the discouraging rants, and the incredible joys of seeing God’s faithfulness! We hope you are encouraged by our process and our story, and we can’t wait for the next portions of our journey!

Really quick before I sign off, because I know this is the next question – what happens next? –

Next up for us is the courts system, which can take anywhere from weeks to 3 months on average and the end result for this courts stage is the Adoption Decree (see previous blog post). Once we receive that, W will be legally recognized as a McGreevey in the country of Haiti, and he will be able to come with us when we visit to the hotel as our son. We are so excited to move forward!

More soon, I’m sure!




8 thoughts on “God’s Promises are Real

  1. I’m in tears of joy reading this and so thrilled for you! Your kids are going to freak out. I can’t wait to read about their reactions. God is so good! I will say a prayer for your family and your finances tonight.


      • Yes what a great page – I have also requested to join the Canadians adopting from Haiti FB page too! I am still in the process of completing my dossier while I wait for our government to deem me adopt ready!

    • Thank you for celebrating with us! 🙂 Can’t wait for him to be home so everyone can meet him!! As soon as we get our adoption decree, we will be able to post actual photos of him on our blog as well!

  2. alicat06 says:

    I am so excited for you! I know the Lord is moving in Haiti as we are under spiritual attack at home. It seems that it happens that way for us. The enemy wants us to doubt God’s faithfulness and works hard at that when things are moving on the adoption front there. As David Platt says, “Adoption IS spiritual warfare.” Amen. I was awake at 5am and discouraged about our situation and then got online and read your post! It is so encouraging! You shouldn’t feel bad about being thrilled with movement in your adoption! It gives the rest of us hope!

    • Thank you!! 🙂 Oh man, it absolutely is spiritual warfare. I have been through the wringer with the Lord especially in the last year! But I’m so thankful to be in the thick of it with Him constantly at our sides! I can’t imagine not doing life with Jesus!

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