First Day of School!

Yet another first day of school picture with only three kiddos in it! I wish they took first day photos at the orphanage! LOL

Today I totally rocked it as “mom” – kids were up early, showered, clean, fed – and most importantly – EARLY to school. Last year was the epitome of epic first-day-fail, when my older two (at a brand new school for middle school) were dropped off 5 minutes after the bell rang. I don’t think they will ever forgive me! However, this morning – I redeemed myself.

Abby (5th grade this year!) started at the same school as the other two this year. Brand new school, and didn’t really know anyone in her class (although her best friend is in the class next door!) but she walked in like she owned the place! Said goodbye, gave me a hug and sat right down at her desk for morning work! Amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a less-stressful goodbye! (Thank you, Lord!)

September for our family ushers in sports season, and this year is no different! Kris took on a coaching spot for the girls’ fall softball league, but thankfully  both girls are playing on the same team this year so it will mean a little less driving than previous seasons! Kris is also coaching with some great friends for Braeden’s baseball training program, so he’s got a few different coaching hats rotating the hooks! I, on the other hand, am going to be sitting here going stir-crazy as I twiddle my thumbs and watch the suds stream down the inside of the washing machine. Ironically, at the moment, I’m sitting here at my computer conveniently avoiding everything that really should be getting done! 🙂 I’m off school for another week and a half, and then I start my home stretch for finishing up my Associates degree at Clark College. I have 4 classes left, and unfortunately couldn’t register for two of them this quarter, so I am taking two classes this fall quarter, and will finish my degree winter quarter after my final two courses! After that – I’m not sure what will happen – so we’ll just take it one day at a time!

I know many people are asking how things are going on the adoption front – and right now things are just teetering on the edge of the next roller-coaster free-fall! We are still waiting for our Exit Letter, and there is some crazy hope building this month for lots of documents being signed. The Director of IBESR (the only one who has legal authority to sign referrals and exit letters) is back from her vacation, and adoptive families are lifting prayers across the nation that she is well-rested and that she will fervently sign files! As soon as we receive that letter, we can travel with our bio kids to go visit “W” for a few days (making that oh-so-incredible sibling introduction, that our bio kids have been waiting for, for almost 3 years!). In addition, that document will allow us to be ushered into the next phase of legal flurry, into the courts system, obtaining our adoption decree and then moving on to passports and immigration legalities. The adoption decree is a HUGE deal, as this is the document that will allow the adoption to be recognized as legal in the country of Haiti. This will mean that after we receive the adoption decree, whenever we visit Haiti the country legally recognizes him as our son, meaning we will be able to remove him from the orphanage, and take him on day trips, or back to the hotel with us, etc. The only thing we can’t do at that point is leave the country with him! 😉

We are ready to travel, ready to move forward! Through all of this we continue to see God’s goodness, His provision and His encouragement through other people in our lives. He has provided amazing friends and family who are constant grounding for us all!

After my last lengthy post from a discouraged mama’s heart, I had some great conversations with people close to me, and was encouraged to open-the-floor to questions from others that follow this blog. A while back, questions were hard for us, as the wait for a referral was excruciatingly painful. There were many days where I was literally in tears at the drop of any mention of the process! It has been a roller coaster for sure.

However, we are at a point now where we recognize the importance of educating those around us, and also helping to feed into others that may be going through similar processes. We would really like to press you all for any questions you may have – even if it feels awkward or insensitive to ask. If I get much participation on this front, I’d like to start answering these questions in my posts as I receive them, or if you leave a question in a comment form on this post, I’ll try to answer there as well.

Don’t be afraid to ask! Even if you’re someone we don’t really know! We will try to answer the best way we can. Do you have questions about the process? Timelines? Questions about how we will deal with being a transracial family? Questions about the orphanage? About Haiti in general? About what we are going to teach our new son? (spoiler alert: There is a right and a wrong way to refill the toilet paper roll!) Just to warn you, there may be a few questions that either we aren’t allowed to answer yet, (like name, or specific identifying things about the orphanage/child), or that we will choose not to share (i.e. specifics about our child’s history) but we will for sure explain why we can’t answer them if that’s the case!

Anyway – I hope you all will take a second to either post your questions below, or click the contact link and email me your question if you would like it anonymously answered here! 😉 No question is a silly question! Who knows, you may ask something that we’ve neglected to ask ourselves, which means you could indirectly invoke some hugely important revelation to our process!! 🙂

Thank you for being a part of this with us – we welcome any questions below, or emailed!

We’ll keep you posted in the coming weeks if anything else happens…kinda feels like sitting on a hedgehog, (minus the horrid thought of squishing that poor cute creature! Shoot, on second thought, let’s not bring that image to mind), pins and needles!


~ Laura

3 thoughts on “First Day of School!

  1. Hey Laura,

    It may seem crazy, but I literally devour every word you write as I am eagerly waiting for my documents to be processed by the Ontario government. I have two questions for you:
    1. Do you get updated photo’s/letters from W’s orphanage so you can stay up to date on his progress and successes?

    2. As an American (i am Canadian) what did you have to do in your own country in order to be able to adopt internationally. There seems to be SO MUCH paper work already completed and nothing has even been sent to Haiti yet!

    Thanks for keeping us updated!

  2. Hi Nicole! Thanks for posting! I’m going to answer your questions in the next post 🙂 And, don’t worry you are NOT crazy! It is absolutely a normal thing to scour the internet for blogs and updates related to your country’s adoption processes! It became a daily habit for me to run google searches for “Haiti adoption”, “Haiti adoption blog”, “haiti updates”, etc. etc. I found God’s Littlest Angels website (a Haiti creche) to be a great resource for the latest updates on IBESR happenings – look for Dixie Bickel’s blog on their site. Also, reading other families’ blogs kept us informed on what it is like in the process across the board. If you’re on FB, there is an “adopting from Haiti” private group that you can request to join as well for families that are in-process. Your agency may have a separate FB group as well. I abhor FB (LOL), but I creep on my husband’s account to check our haiti group pages for updates daily. 🙂

  3. Amy says:

    It is so interesting to hear someone else share such similar experiences. August might have been the longest month of my life…knowing that we are waiting on ONE signature. We are praying with you that paperwork gets moved this month! My heart is in great need of our adoption decree. We are planning to take our bio kids down for Thanksgiving and would love for us to be a legal family the the kids meet each other.

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