Quick update…

We were notified this morning that our Birth Parent Interview with USCIS (in Haiti) was completed without incident yesterday morning! Hooray! Thank you all for praying, now we just need that elusive Exit Letter! 🙂 The Director of IBESR has been on vacation for much of August (an annual vacation, always taken in August, so we knew it was coming) which means that not much gets signed or issued in August. She comes back later this week so families across the nation are praying that great things happen the first week of September! Please continue to pray that many exit letters and referrals are issued in September (including ours)!

I’ll have another post shortly as I have some thoughts circling my drain (eh. brain)!

Thank you for your continued support and prayers! Praying we will have more updates shortly!


Laura & family

2 thoughts on “Quick update…

  1. Oh that is sooooo good. I have been thinking of your family and little W all month wondering how it was going!? My paper work has gone to the Ontario government to be adopt ready here so that all my paper work can then get translated and sent to Haiti!

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