Day 13: Je suis “speeder mon”, watch me whip and nay-nay!

There are some funny things that we hear in Kréyol, and we think “why does that kind of sound familiar?” and then when we really figure out what they are saying, it makes us laugh. It didn’t take longer than a day or so to figure out how to translate. When looking at English vs. Kréyol, most of our letters are interchangeable. However there are a few that make different sounds in Kréyol than in English, and this is where the funny happens. Let me translate for you:

W: “Je suis speeder mon!”  Translation: “I am Spiderman!”

W: “Mwen renmen eewon mon.” Translation: “I like Ironman.”

And to make it even more interesting, (for someone like me, especially), if you took 4-5 years of Spanish, (which I did) when you see an “r” in any foreign language you are automatically going to have a gut reaction of rolling the r around in your mouth before you spit it out into a word. Apparently I didn’t get the memo that I should have taken French. Because Kréyol is largely based upon the French language so all of the “r” sounds are a kind of weird feeling in the back of my throat and Kris and all the other kids do it perfectly but I keep feeling like I’m trying to tongue a ball of phlegm stuck on my uvula (you know that dangly thing at the back of your throat) and somehow tie it in a knot like the cherry stems (I can’t do that either) mid-sentence. It is SO difficult for me!

I’m doing my best, but W and all his friends think it is highly entertaining to teach me any words in Kréyol that contain the letter “r”. They are very patient, but I’m pretty sure they have hidden cameras somewhere.


 Today was fun – it was really close to unbearably hot all morning and afternoon so we spent most of our day up on the balcony with a bunch of kids rotating through. Much thanks to the other mama that was visiting last week, she left us some of her unused crafts to play with which included some mini playdohs in a bunch of colors and three packs of pipe cleaners. Interesting thing about kids in a creche, they are never too old for a little fun, play-doh included! Within minutes, we had two 13-year olds and our 6 year old in a circle making tacos, hamburgers and chicken pate, spaghetti and hot dogs with play doh. After we tired of that, the littles came out to join us and we began making all sorts of things out of pipe cleaners. I felt like a balloon lady at the fair (minus the creepy greasy clown makeup, balloons, and fair…on second thought, it wasn’t anything like a balloon lady at a fair. scratch that.) The funniest thing was when they all started asking me to make eye glasses. Pretty soon even the little toddlers had a pair of bright orange or multicolored pipe cleaner glasses! It was quite adorable. W, however wanted nothing to do with pipe cleaner play, he found something much more interesting – listening to all of mommy’s music on her phone with the big boys.

The funniest musical request was from an 11-year old boy asking me why I didn’t have One Direction music on there! LOL but the singing and dancing on that patio all gets real as soon as the tell tale beats of their favorite song start playing…and they all start moving wherever they are, and when the first move hits, everyone is on cue – its like a Flash Mob at the creche – its pretty crazy! All at once they all start singing,


Now watch me whip, now watch me nay-nay, now watch me whip, whip, watch me nay-nay!” – complete with dancing and choreography!

Kris captured a still shot from a video we took today, even the little 2 and 3 year olds dance to it – it is fantastic!!

After the dancing died down, everyone got back to their business, making more pipe cleaner jewelry, eating play-doh (no that wasn’t a typo…they nibble at it when they think we aren’t watching!), and big boys and W playing dominoes. I was sitting watching them play, and all of a sudden W got really quiet, and I could tell something wasn’t right. I went over and sat next to him and tried to engage, giving him a kiss on the cheek, to which he didn’t respond at all. I let it go for a minute, then took a peek next to me and he was curled over his knees with his arm folded over his eyes, resting his head on his arm. I put my hand on his back and could feel it softly shaking. I carefully slid my hand down from his forehead to brush his eyes and felt the telltale trace of tears. In one gentle swoop I scooped him into my lap and he threw his arms around my neck and buried his tears into the base of my chin. I picked him up and took him to a slightly quieter stairwell and rubbed his back and told him it was okay, mommy was here, and rocked him. After about 30 seconds I could feel him using his own movement to continue the rocking motion 🙂 He didn’t say anything, and wouldn’t talk when I asked him what was wrong. One of the older boys told me what happened later-he had been teased (in good fun, but it went too far) and gotten his feelings hurt. Kris and I never ever want to be happy when our kids are sad, but I’ll tell you I’m SO thankful this happened today. We have spent 2 weeks here with him, every day, and never once has he “needed” us for comfort when he’s sad. This was the first time and quite a special moment for us to be able to be there and be able to provide exactly what he needed in that moment. Its these things that we take for granted at home with the other kids, the comfort and meeting of basic needs that we get to provide for biological children from the moment they first breathe in the air of the world. For children like W, they haven’t experienced this – or not in the depth and consistency that they should – and he will have to learn over time that we are his caregivers in every way. 

(funny interjection here – in the middle of my mommy-moment comforting my quietly crying child, I got my first bite of the trip. And, I’m not talking about a bug bite. I’m talking about a full set of teeth bite on my leg. I still have marks. LOL Thank God she was only 2. I kept thinking someone was scratching my leg with their little fingers and then she went in for the vampire bite! I guess she thought I was ignoring her…Makes me super glad that W responded with quiet tears instead of biting…haha)

We cannot believe we have been here this long! The first three days were so long, we thought we had all the time in the world – and now our time of first impressions and initial bonding is coming to a close. Tomorrow is our last day to see W until we return (hopefully with his brother and sisters) as soon as we are allowed to travel back. We are definitely missing our 3 kiddos at home and can’t wait to see them and sleep in our own bed and have our dogs around again…but the excitement of returning home gets heavily muddled with the weight of leaving one behind. We are praying for swift process moving him out of the country and home to the US!

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, we would not be here if it wasn’t for your constant love, support and friendship.

Here’s our lizard friend that decided to join us for dinner 

And a pic of the broken glass atop a cinder block wall  

Some cool gates… 😉   
And a funeral procession – it is normal for a marching band to precede the procession of family members and friends dancing and singing to the music, then followed by the decked out hearse in bright colored flowers, followed by more singing and celebrating family. Seriously – I think this is how I want to go. Just right down the middle of the street in rush hour morning traffic.   


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