Day 5: loaves and (more loaves)

*got the photos uploaded! Internet/wifi is much better in the mornings! Less people sitting in their rooms on their computers I think. 😉 also – Kris thought that my writing today was blah! Lol!! It was!! I was typing on my phone because the connection was so bad! I’ll elaborate for day 6 to make up for day 5! 🙂

Today we stopped at the store before heading to the crèche, and picked up 12 loaves of bread, three tubs of Haitian peanut butter, 4 packages of sandwich cookies and cleaned out the produce section of their bananas. We took it all to the crèche and when W and the other kids came home from school we made lunch for everyone there! There is somewhere around 115 kids in the crèche right now, and then 15-20 staff (We think??) it was very cute! The older kids helped and W’s nanny shooed all the littles away so we could make sandwiches, but I let W help because he loves to help with things and he loves to do what the big kids do! Plus, we pretty much get to do whatever we want with him while we are there – so even if no one else is allowed to, he gets special treatment. 😉 it was very cute to see him take the trays around to everyone and he would NOT sit down until everyone had their food. Even then, he ate half and then doled out the rest to his hungry friends. What a sweetheart.   

We brought him a big orange Gatorade today, which he opened and started chugging and drank the entire thing in less than a minute!! Then he burped and said “excuse me!” In perfect English in his little hoarse voice!! Adorable! 😉

He loves avengers and IronMan is his favorite. We also found out today that his favorite color is yellow and his favorite food is spaghetti, and his favorite animal is a cow! Haha!

He loves to do puzzles, we have brought a new one every day. The kids ages 5+ love them and all circle up to help. We also have brought balloons the past three days for the little kids – they love to chase them around the breezy halls – and the littles like to sit and lay on them and sing songs! They aren’t heavy enough to pop them – they think it is quite silly! 



This morning before they left for school W got stung by a bee right next to his eye! When we saw him after he came home from school he had a little puffy welt 😦 poor kid. Those are the moments I just wish we were there to be the comfort. 

Tomorrow I think we are going to get some good solid playtime and some good alone time for bonding. There is no school so we will have from about 10:30-3 or so to hang out! Hooray! The past 4 days we have only gotten about 90 minutes each day to spend with him because he has been in school. We may ask if he can stay home a day next week to spend with us at the crèche in peace and quiet! ;)we’ll see. We don’t want to disrupt his normal life too much or be too overwhelming. 

It is now 9:30 Haiti time and we are exhausted and tired of wrestling with the wifi as it is having issues tonight which means we can watch Haiti local shows (super odd) or French or Spanish tv shows, or (haha) an American movie dubbed in some other language…super weird. lol other than that we’ve got US ESPN or CNN. So at least we can keep up on the White House drama and see some basketball. 😉

Heading to bed – looking forward to a long day tomorrow!

This photo is W and daddy watching a video that Abby made for him! 



One thought on “Day 5: loaves and (more loaves)

  1. Tami LaCasse says:

    You need to turn these blogs into a book one day.. I am riveted reading these! I anxiously await the next one 🙂

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