Day 4: Papiyon

The word of the day: Papiyon = butterfly!

Today was hot and sticky, I think I could have wrung out my shirt with enough sweat to fill a small pool. I have never been so amazingly happy and content being this hot and muggy in my life! 🙂 We want to move our family and live here. I would sleep on the tile floor if they would let me and wake to little fingers covered in black bean smear, tugging at my crazy blonde hair every morning! LOL Today was learn how to dogpile day. Kris has become the favorite jungle gym of the creche, once he collects them, every morning they hang on him – from anywhere they can hook a finger or a leg! Today it was just an entire sea of brown with a little white patch where his eyes peeked out! Totally amazing, and he loved every second of it 🙂

I would post a picture for you, but the littles discovered my phone taking a “foto” at the last second – and they LOOOOOOVE hamming it up for the camera (and then racing around to see their pictures on the screen – like an instant-photo-booth!) so they turned around last minute to give me pearly white grins! It is a fantastic photo, but one I can’t put on this blog! đŸ˜Ļ

The word of the day today was papiyon = butterfly! The littles FREAKED out today, running to get me saying “papiyon! papiyon! papiyon!” I had no idea what it was until they dragged me inside to one of the open rooms where they grow seedlings under the lights, and pointed excitedly up at the top of the wall. There was, indeed, a massive papiyon! It was some kind of mammoth moth (hahaha a mam-moth…), about 8-9″ across, just chilling on the wall! they all wanted to throw blod (balloon) at it to make it fly away, but I said no way and took them back outside! LOL there was no way I was staying in there with that thing flying around! What if it came flapping down, beating its mammoth wings on my face? I would die. I would actually die. Luckily it was still at the same spot when we left this afternoon (I checked), and here’s hoping its still there tomorrow so I don’t have to wonder when its going to fly out of a dark corner of the hall! LOL

Today was “gradebook” day, end of the trimester for the kids’ school, so W’s nanny packed an entire stack of grade books (each child has their own bound 8.5×11 size booklet of grades for the trimester, that the “parent” or maybe orphanage director?, has to sign and return, just like we do in the states! It is about a 20-25 minute walk each way to the school, on a rutted back road that lines the property. I cannot believe these kids walk it every day in this heat! They are troopers. Some of them are so tiny! W is in “third” grade here I think? We thought kindergarten, but they are saying 3rd grade, so I’m a little confused, but he is definitely a smart cookie! He can read haitian creole sounding out the letters, and because the phonetics of creole are very similar to English, he can read English words as well – sounding them out. He read “hello little brother” on one of the cards our kids made for him! Not sure if he understands the English words, but Braeden nicely translated into creole as well using google translate! Ha!

Today we introduced a crayola doodle pad, that you write on with special markers, and wipe off with a special eraser…he picked that up super fast and drew a person (not sure who?) and a “machin” (car) and then sad “awww pa bon!” (its no good) and erased it and drew another! 🙂 We gave him 4 matchbox cars today that we brought with us, which he was SUPER excited about. He knew all their colors (white, orange, blue with green,) except grey – I had to help him with that – but he knew them all in ENGLISH! 🙂 He learns super fast. He can count in English and Haitian Creole, at least to 10 in english, not sure about further, and knows much of his ABC’s in english as well. He can count well past 30 in Haitian Creole – this kid is S-M-A-R-T! 🙂

We brought a book today – a favorite of our other kids – called No No, Jack – the translator translated as I read the book and then W read it to his friends throughout the afternoon! 


We talked to his main nanny quite a bit – she has become a sweet face I see every day and tell her bonjou and give her a big hug each morning. She said that W is a very good student, and he loves school. He is graduating from his grade very soon! She said he does very very well in class, and can read very well also. (which we found out already!) She speaks of him very kindly, with the heart of someone who cares for him very much. Everyone who meets us is SO excited for W to have a family! He is very close to many people’s hearts as he is such a sweet sweet boy!

I forgot to post this the other day. This is his bed, in his room with several other cribs, you can see in his bed are his photo book and his puzzles that he painstakingly collects each day from all the other hands and puts them in his bed for safekeeping!

Today we got to see him open up a bit more and be less shy, and more of his (what seems to be normal) outgoing self. We took video of him babbling with his friends as they played cars, and he played basketball with mommy and daddy and some friends up on the patio. We tried to go play on the basketball court today, but they were drying out poul poupou all over the court about 2″ thick, so we will save that for another day. Poul poupou = chicken poop = manure! LOL!

While we were up on the patio this afternoon, one of the older boys brought W a huge plate of food – his dinner meal I think? he had a plate of white rice smothered in black beans with a small piece of fish…looked like the normal fare, as I also went down to visit the littles this morning during snacktime and they were eating rice/beans also! I had to assist a little one who was crying because another boy took handfuls of her rice and beans off her plate…LOL I rescued the fistfulls of rice and deposited them back on her plate within 30 seconds while the nanny watched…hahaha I wonder how often that happens? Most likely its an every day multiple-times per day occurrence!

The main things we notice about W:

  • he is quick to share his blessing with other people. When given a packet of fruit snacks, he ate a few, and gave one to mom and one to dad. When given cookies or any kind of treat, he tries to find a friend to share it with. He lets the littles look incessantly through his family photo book, and share his new balls and cars and puzzles.
  • he loves to be active! He loves soccer (futbol), basketball, and catch, however he didn’t know what the football was called when we showed him a picture so we’ve got something to work on!
  • he is quick to smile, and laughter comes easily! Today, he was drinking out of a sports water bottle we bring for him each day, and it spilled and dribbled out onto the floor in a little puddle, to which I seized the moment and said “oh no, peepee!” to which he proceeded to choke and spit his mouthful of water all across the patio in a fit of giggles! Winning my new son over with potty jokes! 🙂
  • when he is held, he positively melts – like full body weight, becoming our own skin, and we love it!
  • he loves to look at pictures of our family and life! I’m sure it is overwhelming enough with photos, but we can’t wait for him to see “life” in person.
  • he has a great memory! He remembers words we have taught him, and remembers names of people he has only seen a few times!
  • He has the sweetest, quietest, husky voice when he is talking – it is seriously the most adorable thing!

Today is day 4, and I’m so thankful that we have 10 more days to see him, but that 10 days is running out quickly. Praying for godspeed for the rest of this process, and that we will be able to return to see him for a visit very very soon!

Today is also a special day for Kris and I. This year we got to spend today, our 15th anniversary, in Haiti with our new son! Happy anniversary honey, I’m so thankful to do life with you every day, and look forward to all the years still to come! SHMILY. 



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