Day 3: Kabrit fwe futbol?

Today was another “normal” day – these posts will probably get old and boring…as we literally do the same thing every day. Up, shower, breakfast, facetime, crazy drive, orphanage, play with littles, watch kids walk home from school, play with W, say goodbyes, crazy drive, hotel room, early dinner, hotel room, movie, sleep.

Guess I don’t have to post anymore! LOL

Today on the balcony we entertained more little bits today, some of the same ones from yesterday, a few new ones…not quite sure what the others do, when they aren’t upstairs with us…attended by the nannies downstairs somewhere! First thing on their agenda this morning was “hooray! Where’s the bonbons?” (in essence)…wheres the snacks? Haha:) We feel much like the pied piper as we tromp up the two flights of stairs, the littles come from every nook and cranny, calling to us, “Pote m’!” carry me! or just grabbing onto a finger. This morning I think I had 6 on my fingers halfway up the first flight! When they want to show us something they just drag us around…you can’t possibly say no! LOL

It was a long hot morning, but full of sweet smiles and silly games. They love it when i make up silly hand-holding games in a circle and we walk in a circle counting in Haitian Creole and on a certain number we all fall down…fits of giggles every time!

We are slowly picking up more and more of the language, just in bits…today we learned how to say “see you tomorrow” so that we could tell the kids and W that we would be back tomorrow. Very sweet. There is a 13 year old boy that I’m in awe of as well, who is a good friend of W’s. He is so sweet and kind with him, helps him with things, hangs out – reminds me of Braeden. I asked W if he was a good friend? and his eyes got wide and he smiled and nodded huge and said “Wi!”

Today we played futbol and catch with some velcro hand paddles we brought – the kids love them! W has a great arm – and is fantastic at soccer! He loves sports – basketball too! I think we are bringing a basketball with us tomorrow. Today daddy and W were playing catch on the patio, and the ball kept sailing off the edge through the lattice bars, so they would run down the two flights of stairs together, and tromp around until they found the ball, then W would hop on daddy’s back and Kris would carry him back up the stairs to the top, then play again – a great game, and he seemed to really open up to Kris – huge smiles, and lots of hugs.

His hugs are all-encompassing, he has a teeny little body and these arms and hands that just hang on for dear life! Then he lays his head on our shoulder and snuggles up. We can’t tell yet if he truly understands that we are his fanmi (family) or if it just is like any other time when nice white people come visit and bring treats. We know that each child gets special treatment when their parents come to visit, so this time it is finally W’s turn to have a special time with his own mama and papa.

All of the kids know who we are, and it is so cute to hear them try to say our names. W calls us manman and papa, (Haitian creole terms for mommy and daddy), but sometimes we are manman Laura and papa Kris. The other kids call Kris “Kwees” and I get “Norah” or sometimes “Looowah” if they are being adventurous! 🙂

There are some super smart kiddos here. Picking up English as we tell them words. Today W pointed to the hen house and told me “Chickens!” I said Wi! Chickens! and we began counting…there was a lot, so we stopped. LOL but I think W got to thirty something before we just had giggles because there were too many.

When we went to play soccer, the goats were all out in the yard. I asked him if he wanted to play futbol, and he said “Wi!” (he loves soccer), and then I looked at him very seriously and said “Kabrit jwe futbol?” He looked at me sideways for a second, and then just erupted in giggles and rolled his eyes and said “NO!” LOL I asked him if the goats played soccer 🙂


He is affectionate, but seems to just reciprocate right now, and not initiate. I’m sure that will change as it is only the second day he has known us! Feels like we have known him forever. If we hold out our arms, he obliges and hops right up, but he is also content to just play with his friends while we are nearby observing as well. We are hoping to get some more one-on-one time later on, but we recognize that this early on, it seems helpful that the other kids are around to make it less stressful for him.

On the way home today, we hit a huge line of traffic that was stopped on the main road. I could see the look in our driver’s eye, as he calculated his options, and looked for a way out…there were people walking on both sides of the road, and already three cars/tap-taps across, as everyone was trying to move around anyone moving too slow. I figured we would just be stuck, but before I could even settle in for a wait, all of a sudden we were moving, driving movie-style down the sidewalk, left tires in the gutter, right tires right down the middle of the sidewalk, people quickly hopping out of the way with their baskets and bags and small children (yes, there were a few I thought we were going to run over, and I had my crisis-situation preparedness going on in my head.) somehow he knew exactly where he was going  – I asked him do the streets here have names? The answer was some of them do…but I don’t know what they are! LOL the driver and translator have just grown up here, so they know their way around. Anyway – our detour was WELL off the beaten path, which was interesting for us, new scenery, however the road was SO rutted it took us a half hour to go a short distance. It was literally 4 foot swells up and down and sideways, kind of like the Indiana Jones ride at disneyland except real – and 3 x as long, and no creepy smoke breathing crazies dropping from the ceiling (or whatever that thing is, I have never figured it out). I really thought I was going to pee in the backseat (bonus – I’m not dehydrated), or throw up – neither happened (PTL) and we did make it safe back to the hotel…I’m going to hope that we don’t hit that traffic again, however yesterday they said that the traffic situation changes daily and one time it took them 8 hours to get back to a family’s hotel. They didn’t get back til 11pm! YIKES.


Sleeping for now. Blessings to you all,


One thought on “Day 3: Kabrit fwe futbol?

  1. Meg says:

    Dear Laura,
    I look forward to your emails! I find myself checking my emails often hoping there is one in there from you! I love hearing about you and Kris day with W. I hope tomorrow traffic is light 🙂

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