Day 1

It’s 3:15am. How did I not get a window seat? These travel pillows were marketed at the airport as “the best in the world”…it’s a complete racket! I’m pretty sure everyone on this flight is asleep except me and the male flight attendant who does modified calisthenics every 5-10 minutes or so as he’s setting up drink trays. The 7 foot tall guy beside me who fell asleep immediately after take-off just went from his immobile statuesque slumber to head lolling around…I’m a little worried about what happens when it comes my way!

So. Here we are. Somewhere smack dab over the middle of the United States…JFK and my 1 hour layover can’t come fast enough. We did have a 3 hour layover but our flight out was delayed. I’m just hoping for about a 5’5” space on the floor so I snag a few minutes of sleep!

We had a crazy weekend trying to get out of the country last minute (a first for me!) and had to put to bed sleepy children moments before heading out to the airport. When we got to PDX, there was almost no one there – no lines, no craziness, just sleepy shops with gates closed up tight. 
The hardest thing today was leaving our 3 kids home. I didn’t realize how stressful that would be for either of us – but we’ve never been away longer than 5-6 days so 15 is a long stretch! They are in fantastic hands at home, but still hard to leave them, especially knowing the kind of experience we are heading into. 

Our flight is heading to JFK and then we connect straight down to Haiti. We should arrive there around 2pm Monday (Haiti-time, 2 hours ahead of PST whatever that makes it). From there we will go straight to the hotel where we will SLEEP probably all night. Lol

From what we understand, our daily routine will be pickup at 9am, and drive to the orphanage where we will stay until about 3:30 or 4pm and then head back to the hotel. 

Our first day to meet Little Man (we can call him “W” from now on!) will be Tuesday morning! We aren’t quite sure what all that will entail or what really to expect! We brought two large suitcases almost entirely filled with sidewalk chalk, bubbles, whiffle balls, soccer ball, fruit snacks and other fun things to help entertain W and the other kids we will hang out with for 2 weeks! 

At the moment, we are exhausted – well I am, anyway. Kris is sleeping next to me like a baby in his WINDOW SEAT!!! 😉 to be fair, he did ask me if I wanted to trade – I just don’t sleep on planes well! 

 We are anxious and excited for our first meeting, we can’t wait to see what he’s like! Kris is dead set on teaching the kids how to play baseball, so when I wasn’t looking he packed old baseball gloves, balls, and all the whiffle ball stuff…not sure they will be willing to give up soccer, but we’ll see! He is a great coach! 😉

We’ll continue to keep this updated throughout the trip as we are able! We would appreciate prayers for extra rest, peaceful hearts about our kids at home, and our safe connections and travel to the hotel. Thanks to everyone for your offers for help while we are gone – it’s so amazing to have such a fantastic support system! 

Blessings, Laura 
Update: as my phone wifi is finally updating…we are landing in New York! Leg one done. About 10 min of sleep so far, and the Taylor Swift song is echoing in my head…”Welcome to New York! It’s been waitin for you, welcome to New York, welcome to New York!” It is WAAAAYYYYYYY to early for that, Taylor. I’m pretty sure it’s only 5:45 am. But the view is pretty nice. 



4 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Amy says:

    I was so excited to see your updates this morning! I hope you guys have a wonderful time. I pray that your time together is precious. Joey took baseball gloves and balls when we met our boys…it was such a novelty to them! I can’t wait to read your updates.

  2. Stephanie Peters says:

    So exciting! I hope that in the midst of all the excitement you are able to shut things off a bit and get some sleep. I love reading the updates — thanks so much for sharing this journey with all of us!

  3. Barb says:

    Wow God is definitely moving in a big way. So happy for the two of you and little W, praying all goes well during your time with him. Love the updates.

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