Wow. When God decides something is going to happen, He just moves heaven and earth! 🙂

We received our translated referral this morning, and submitted our request for travel dates to IBESR.

Pretty crazy how it all lined up…first there was my very good friend who stayed up til o-dark-thirty translating a letter into French! Then another amazing woman who volunteered to let us crash into her dining room this morning at 6:30am to notarize two documents – with a smile! Then, we literally scanned notarized docs with Kris’ phone and sent to Agency – from said dining room. We raced home, to get kids ready for school, then got a call saying the letter that was in French had a typo, so I had to white out and edit and scan back – praying that IBESR would accept it!

Not to mention, the travel dates we requested were for 3 days away – which the agency prepared us is not normal for IBESR to approve. We were fully expecting them to come back with a red-letter “DENIED” across the page but figured it was worth a try since God had graciously provided everything for each step as we were asking.  The scans were emailed to the agency Rep in Haiti who was on his way into IBESR to plead our case and check on other files, and he proceeded to wait ALL morning and afternoon in line to try to get our dates approved – WHICH THEY DID!!!

Did I mention that if our travel got delayed by even a few days it would cause repercussions all over the place in our kids lives here at home? And the dog? And 10 little league baseball kids who were waiting for Coach to get back? WHEW.

We are super excited to let everyone know that we are flying out Sunday at 11:59pm arriving in Haiti Monday! We will stay 15 days, keeping in touch with home via FaceTime (thank you Apple) and email.

We’ll keep this updated during the bonding trip! We are super super super excited!!!!

Thank you to everyone who is helping out and offering to help with anything and everything – we appreciate it so much!

We’ll check in soon!



3 thoughts on “CRAZINESS!

  1. Casey says:

    I love following this journey and am so happy for you guys! I always read this and think I need to text her but then time gets away. Love you guys so much and I am so excited for this journey you are all on.

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