Quick update

The agency finally received the scans of our official referral this evening (in French) and it’s off to translation! We aren’t able to see it until it gets translated into English, so we are praying for super quick turnaround because we’ve now waited an excruciating 3 days without seeing his face yet! Lol!

From our conversation with our coordinator, the next steps are – 

– receive English copy of referral (via email, hopefully some point tomorrow,Weds 6/1)

– review referral, sign acceptance letter & get notarized, including our proposed travel dates, scan back to Coordinator (this can take anywhere from a few hours to 24 hours depending on what time we receive it)

– agency sends acceptance letter via email to IBESR in Haiti, IBESR sends approval (hopefully) back to agency. (This usually takes 24-48 hours)

-as soon as we receive confirmation that our travel dates are accepted, we can book flights and fly out (on whatever date we proposed, lol)! 

– Kris and Laura will spend 15 days in-country, heading to orphanage most days for the duration of the daytime hours (9-3/4). 

– after returning without Little Man, we wait. For the next half of the process to continue…

We will keep this updated as more info is received! Thx!


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