Rest and re-distraction, day 844

From the silence here the past 48 hours, you probably have guessed (correctly) we received no word yesterday, so we enter yet another week of waiting. 844 days in IBESR waiting for a referral…What’s another week? LOL

There is still a chance that a referral could come in the next few weeks that is dated April 1st or prior, and we could still operate on the i600, but for now, we just enter into yet another indefinite wait.

Please, please pray with us that our time will be soon! So many other families have received referrals these past two weeks, many who we have contact with through our agency’s collective Facebook Group and also via email and blogs we follow. While we rejoice with them at the news of their referrals, it is increasingly hard dig deep and give the joy and congratulations sincerely. By the grace of God, he continues to give us encouragement for these families and sincere hearts congratulating their news, but I’ll be real honest, my immediate response after that is a complete draining of my physical and spiritual energy. Its a rough time of waiting.

We are doing our best to keep busy and keep moving, pray without ceasing, and continuing to ask others to pray – one thing to know about Haiti is that it is the only country in the entire WORLD with its official religion documented as Voodoo. If you don’t know what that is – look it up. Scary, scary stuff. The country of haiti was in some respects quite literally sold to the devil himself way back when. The roots of this heritage are still very deeply entrenched in the religion which means that as a family of Christ-followers, we are up against some pretty tough battlefronts that have nothing to do with systems and paperwork and random vacation schedules.

Adoption is a spiritual battle anywhere, no matter what country you’re in – U.S. included – as much as talking about Satan might make some of you uncomfortable, its something we believe to be very true – that he relishes loneliness and rejoices in pain. He would love more than anything for these children to live out their days unloved, without families, eventually being turned out of the orphanages and forced to live on the streets.

We serve a God who sets the lonely in families, who redeems and who adopts us as His own – He goes before us into this battle and He will lead us into the victorious home stretch – albeit in His own time 🙂

Pray for our battle, continue praying that files and paperwork will not be hidden – that God would bring it all to light and move it forward. Please pray that referrals would continue to pour out of IBESR at the same intense rate they have been coming! We do not want to lose this momentum!

Thank you for walking this path with us – even though it seems to be never-ending! 🙂


Laura & Family

4 thoughts on “Rest and re-distraction, day 844

  1. Joanna says:

    Never ending though it may be, He is a God outside of time limits and His perfect plan hasn’t changed. This from my own deep of almost 5 months of unemployment. I will speak in faith that His plan is still good for you as it is good for me and my family. ❤

    • Yes, we saw it – but are still trying to wrap brains around what it really means. The message coming across to agencies is confusing so they just want to make sure they fully understand it before telling us one way or another – but it SOUNDS like they may simply give provisional leeway to i600 families and let them stay i600 which would be fantastic for our processes – and potentially help us all wrap up our process quicker. Our issue is that we already submitted all of our i800 paperwork almost a month ago. So we would have to cancel our i800 application, and hopefully cancel it before its issued? I don’t know. We are waiting on more word on that from the agency, as it is confusing!

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