Quick update, no news

A rough blow to our “plan” yesterday came in the form of news that when we do take our 2-week bonding trip, our biological children won’t be permitted to go with us. While the idea was not widely practiced in the past, it was an entertain able idea by some orphanages even though it wasn’t a first choice for administrators. Now, with changes in place and more bonding trips under their belts, the orphanages are saying adoptive parents only.

While to most this wouldn’t be a big deal, to our family it was a sad day, and we anticipate a hard conversation this evening when we have it with our kids. For two and a half years we have been planning this two-week bonding trip to Haiti as a family, for the three bio siblings to meet their adoptive little brother for the first time. It has become almost a Mecca of sorts in our quest to hang onto hope – something to plan for to dream of and to go all together. 

We understand it is for the best, and while there are many differing opinions between whether or not it is beneficial to have your bio children present on a first-meet bonding trip with your adoptive child, we understand the purpose behind the decision. It doesn’t make it any more fun to hear though. 

The good news is that while on the trip, we can still call home, Skype with our kids and send boatloads of pictures to them (when that time comes you’ll have able to see some photos, but due to country and adoption laws you will not be seeing our little man’s face in any of those photos posted on this blog until he is legally our son!) and as soon as Kris and I return from the two-weeks in Haiti, we can plan a return trip with our other kids to go meet and spend time with him as often as we can afford to fly down there. I’m sure they will become seasoned jet setters in that time frame!

If you think about it this evening – we could use prayers for our kids hearts during this conversation tonight – they have been dead-set on this trip for so long that we are anxious about their hearts and worried that it will cause anxiety also about mom and dad being gone for 2 whole weeks!

On another note, I mailed off our I-800 USCIS paperwork last week. We still have a miraculous window of a chance to receive a referral and travel before the April 1 deadline, but just in case, we needed to file that paperwork. 

We did find out that our suggested match file is heading for Children’s Judge – (the next step for signature) so our continuous prayer is that it will be rushed through that process and returned to IBESR for final signature in record time! 

There is a mad dash right now and much pressure on the IBESR to process I-600 families referrals before the april 1 deadline, so right now they are crankin out referrals in a way that hasn’t been seen for years! The worry across the board, though, is that after april 1st it is likely they will all decide to shut down and cease working to process referrals. Please pray with us that this does not happen!!

We are so ready for this to move forward! Ready to travel, ready to snuggle with one more – ready to not be waiting on this one piece of documentation!!! 😉 

Prayers are much appreciated – both for trust in God’s timing, and His provision and selection. 

Thank you!


Laura & family

6 thoughts on “Quick update, no news

  1. melissa says:

    Thank you for the update! I’ve been checking your blog daily, hoping for your referral! I’m sorry to hear about your children not being able to travel. That is a major disappointment! Please keep us posted.

      • Melissa says:

        We have our proposed match, but it was older than we had requested and were approved for, so we submitted a new 1800a, and have been approved for the age change, now waiting for official match. There is a chance our proposed match could be given to a family in your situation, since his paperwork is set to go….also, just finished updating our home study…I’m sure it all sounds familiar! gotta love it!❤️

  2. Amy says:

    Praying with you guys. I watch the clock with anticipation of our referral call. Our two children are also disappointed that they will not be traveling to Haiti to meet their brothers. I’m thankful that God is in control and even if we have to take the I-800 route …He knows the plan.

  3. Holly Smith says:

    Love you both so much! I hope that everything goes smoothly on your next trip over! What a lucky boy, to be gaining such a great family! Miss you !

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