Specific Requests

Well, this will be pretty short and sweet. If you follow our blog or have caught up on our last three years, you’re aware that at the moment we are on somewhat of a time crunch. The USCIS (US Immigration) and the IBESR (Haiti side, Social Services/Adoption unit equivalent) have put into place some new processes and guidelines for adoptive families. What used to be an i600 paperwork format with USCIS now will be an i800 – so all new families applying now go through the i800 process. Us old-folk, “lifers” who are still on the i600 process have limited time to continue to be on that track.

In plain English, what this means is that in order to be able to continue with our i600 process as-is, we need to receive an official referral, travel to Haiti (for our 2-week required bonding trip), and file our i600 paperwork IN HAITI (during that trip) – all before April 1st.

Yes. Three weeks. IBESR has stated that their departments are committed to “trying” to issue official referrals to as many of the current i600 families as possible before the april 1 date. It is coming down to that wire, and while we know there is always hope, and we serve a God who is certainly capable of miracles, we also know very well that sometimes miracles aren’t on His agenda for our specific timeline. In other words, His timing is not always our timing!

Our prayer right now is that God would provide all of those things in bold above.

If that does not happen, never fear, there is a plan B. 🙂

And, to reiterate – we are fully aware that OUR PLAN B may actually be God’s PLAN A. We serve a God who does not operate with a Plan B, and that is very comforting!

If the above series of events does not happen, we will file NEW i800 paperwork with USCIS and start the process of transitioning our case over to that format. During this process, it may take a little longer, but the biggest “ugh” about it simply is the psychological strain of yet another delay, yet another “do-over”. We are ready to move on in this process, and the thought of filing new paperwork and embarking on a new track is daunting. Not hopeless, but daunting.

There is another request – as you saw in a previous post, we switched our process slightly to allow IBESR the freedom to match us with a different child of their choosing if it meant a faster referral. However, we still kept the interview process for the first orphanage-suggested match in the works, just in case it happened to move forward from the past 18 months of being stuck.

News came this week that the 2nd Interview for this child has been completed and the birth parent has signed off! (seriously, this has been almost 18 months stuck, waiting for this interview, so that is a HUGE deal). The next step for this file is a signature from the children’s judge and back to IBESR for final sign-off. The reality of this situation is that the Children’s judge signature has been taking MONTHS. It is supposed to be a 30-day process, but typical lately has been months wait. So, it would literally be a MIRACLE if this got signed and returned and signed again before the April 1 date. However, we are not afraid to ask for that! 🙂

Anyway. Short and sweet, just wanted to keep you all updated, and ask you to pray with us for these things – for patience and contentment – we are all doing great, living life, keeping busy, but it doesn’t negate our desperate need for HOPE throughout this process.

Thank you all,

much love


3 thoughts on “Specific Requests

  1. Joanna Harding says:

    “God created timing for timing.” – Beth Moore.
    Praying with you for a miracle of miracles and continued peace as you await His unfolding plan.

  2. Amy says:

    Praying with you guys. It’s crazy to read your process because so few people understand it and it sounds so familiar to me. We are hoping for our I-600a referral before April too!

  3. I heard about that! It’s comforting to know that they are making cases like yours a priority! I believe in the power of prayer and know that every prayer is heard! I am confident in declaring that our Heavenly Father knows and loves you, your family, including your Haitian child! I am certain that it is through the power of His Son that you can all be strengthened through this time! “Faith in the Lord includes faith in His timing.” (Neil A Maxwell). You are a beautiful example of this kind of faith! You are in my prayers.

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