House update

And the skinny version is:

No news yet. Last we posted, we were waiting to hear if our final Birth Parent Interview happened, so that we could move on to the next step of signatures required before we can receive the formal referral…as it stands now – our agency can’t seem to get this information from the orphanage – or the orphanage can’t seem to get it from IBESR – we’re not quite sure which it is at the moment.

The month of September/October was a frustrating one for Haiti families – lots of “surprise” changes in policy that caused a lot of families to have to pull their documents out of wherever they were and re-do some of the language with lawyers in order to move forward. Thankfully (weirdly backwards, I know) we aren’t that far in the process yet, so our file will not be affected with at least that delay.

We are praying still that we will receive our referral before April 1 as that is the cut off for the current immigration paperwork we have. If we have not received a referral by then we will have to resubmit our immigration paperwork (along with more fees?) and just adds one more step to the process. We are weary, and have spent 22 months simply playing the waiting game waiting for the phone to ring, with all of our paperwork and file in place where it needs to be. Please continue praying for our family and file – we are entering yet another Christmas Season with just one thing on our list: Referral.

Rest assured, the second anything happens, it will go here on this blog and we will keep all of you updated every step of the way. We know a lot of our connected people who read this blog are other Haiti Adoptive Families, and we know from experience how encouraging it is to read someone else’s step-by-step account of what happens after we get to the next checkpoint! Recently another family in our Agency (who we are connected via blog) received their referral and went on their bonding trip – if you are interested at all in what a bonding trip looks like, please look up their blog! I believe it is titled “Famous Last Words” … it is quite interesting and you’ll be able to see what our bonding trip will be like (whenever we get to go!).

Now, on to our immediate matters at hand – the house is scheduled to be done in about 3 weeks – crazy soon, and my children are freaking out because I have “sold all their belongings” and they are living on mattresses on the floor! 🙂 We are at the new house every moment we don’t have to be somewhere else, putting long hours into cleaning, screwing down decking, digging trenches and sometimes just “checking in” to take pictures and oooh and aaaah over the subs handiwork and the progress!

While we are functioning at a regular pace of a stress-level of 23 (on a scale of 1-10), we are thankful for the busy chaotic distraction because otherwise we would be dwelling on the eternal adoption wait. As I write this, It is 8:15pm on Thursday evening, and Kris and his dad (bless his heart) are taping down Ram board on top of the newly installed hardwood floors (hooray! They are gorgeous).

Here’s a photo-journey of what’s happened since the last post!

(BTW – if you’re reading this the split second I post it, you’ll have to refresh this in about 5 min after all the photos load, because I have to type and post this on my computer then add in my photos from my mobile! So be patient!) 🙂

 Okay first off, here’s the dog, Ollie, newest summer addition to our Mayhem! He is “totes adorbs”!

2nd floor framed!


Starting to look more like a house less like a box!

Roof! Finally!

Backside view

Abby walking Ollie, photoOp

Me & my girlies!

Our three big kiddos at the Oregon Zoo!

Cornices and the front porch!


Slider is in!

We took a break from house building and took a short vacation to Mt. Hood! A little cabin in the woods – what a great adventure!

My choice – black Windows on front!

Siding going up!

Kris reigns victorious in the clean-up division…

Hmmmm he snuck this picture into my phone…lol to prove that I was helping too!

More siding. Seriously we waited for EVER for this. But it turned out great!

The electricians had to keep their rooms straight!

Ollie is getting huge!!

Love the batten board!

Insulation…(I know, we’re getting real interesting here…)

Logan was trying her new tub out. A dry run I guess?

Drywall guys were here!



Front porch roofline

Oh cutie cutie!

Ummm yes. This is weird. And yes. It’s what you think it is. A goat. On this guys roof. In the Burgerville parking lot. 


Inside Garage mandoor to outside 

Cabinets are going in!! Looking good so far,


Deck is started…

Abby is inspecting the texture guys’ work

Living room built ins  

Kitchen cabs

Kitchen sink


Mantle is in, but not quite what we wanted so it might be swapped out. 

Mud room “locker” cubbies

Kitchen cabs installed


Girls bathroom floor! One of my favorites in the house!

Wainscoting started in formal dining area 

Boys bathroom


 Box beam in living room


A terrible pic of the new hardwood floors in the dark!

We took another break tonight to pick pumpkins!





  Whew. There you have it. 2 months of catchup photo journalism! 😉
Thank you all for your prayers & thoughts – keep connected! Praying we have news for you all soon!


Laura & Family


5 thoughts on “House update

  1. Amy says:

    We seem to be at almost the exact spot in our process. Our 2nd birthparent interview was scheduled for Sept then changed to October, but was cancelled again and hopefully rescheduled for November. Are you guys considering filing an I-800a or waiting to see if you get to travel before April?

    • Ach. We were scheduled for September but she “lost” her documentation, so they rescheduled for October but then we have lost communication and don’t know what happened. At this point we are waiting it out. We will file I-800 when needed I guess, but praying we don’t have to get that far.



      • Amy says:

        Hey Laura…I was checking in to see how things are going with your adoption. We are still in a holding pattern with IBESR.

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