Quick request…

I will definitely write further in the coming weeks when kids settle off to school, but we have a request for the moment. 

We found out almost two weeks ago that our 2nd birth parent interview had been scheduled for the beginning of August, but that the birthparent claimed to have lost her birth certificate, and wasn’t able to complete the interview. We found out this morning that this interview has been rescheduled for next week. Will you join with us in praying that the parent will show up for the interview with all documents in hand? 

We will keep this blog updated in the coming weeks. 

Thank you!


The McGreevey family

6 thoughts on “Quick request…

  1. Melissa says:

    I have just found your blog and have had so much fun reading of your adoption adventures! My husband and I are also adopting from Haiti, only we haven’t been waiting near as long as you. In March we received an official file number from IBESR….and we are building a new house and I can’t bring myself to make any plans for the Haiti child’s room….The thought of them coming home feels SO far away! Thanks for all you are sharing! We feel so many of the things you do! And are acting entirely on faith!

    • Hi Melissa! Sorry I didn’t respond earlier! Haiti adoption – the idea – is extremely exciting! It still is a very exciting idea…the process itself can be completely discouraging – (but there’s a rainbow at the end…) – but from seeing photos and hearing stories of families that come home – it is worth the wait. Yes I completely understand the thought of being hesitant to plan anything for the new child’s room in a new house (or even existing house!) – My worry back 18 months ago when we were first thinking about him coming home was that I didn’t want to be the parent who passes by an empty room multiple times a day being reminded that they aren’t here to live in it. I’m so glad I waited, as here we are almost 2 years later and still would have an empty bed.
      It’s a tough country right now and an excrutiating wait. We are continuing to pray that God would move things forward both for our family and for the other families like yours that are still waiting! Thank you for following our story and our journey! Please keep us posted!

  2. Amy says:

    I hope your 2nd birth parent interview happened successfully. Ours was supposed to happen last week, but got rescheduled to October. Praying that you guys see movement soon.

    • Hi Amy,
      I haven’t posted to the blog because we still haven’t heard anything further on it. We did hear that IBESR closed all interviews (and cancelled them) for an entire week surrounding the date that ours was set. However we haven’t been able to glean any further info as to whether ours was performed prior to that cancelled week, or whether it was one that got moved. If it did happen, we haven’t had any info on whether or not the parent showed up either. A lesson in TRUST for sure, and a hard pill to swallow. Praying that we have more answers this week, and we are praying (seemingly every minute of every day) for direction.
      Thanks for the note!

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