Summer hues

I was going to write “Summer blues” but hues is a much better word! This summer has been extremely colorful for our family – lots of moving and shaking, life consistently shifting under our feet. We roll with the punches and pop back up for more – sometimes I begin to think that we survive and thrive on some element of “crazy” 😉 if it’s not crazy, we’re not living it to the fullest! Sometimes I know that isn’t true – but for now it sure seems to fit the bill! 

While sports & dance have taken somewhat of a backseat to chill with their sweating glasses of iced tea, our summer never seems to slow down much! I doubled my course-load at Clark this quarter, still doing 100% of it online, but man those extra credits sure suck the life out of free time! I keep telling myself like everything else – “it will be worth it in the end!” 

Kris’ work is super busy these days, lots of travel and people to please – he calls it “work” but all I can see is a hazy vision of him leaned back in an airplane seat with a gel eye mask over his eyes, cozy blanket and glorious sleep…then dinners out with other adults (no children allowed) and going home to a quiet room at night – doesn’t that just scream “BLISS!!!” ??? 😉 it’s our never ending “agree to disagree” conversation back and forth! Sometimes he thinks all I do during the day is put my feet up, eat marshmallow cereal and watch reruns of Fixer Upper on HGTV…(not really, but we laugh about it!)

So our favorite family “evening” routine has been going each day to visit the Lot, which is now a work-in-progress House! Every day something else is added, something new has been built – it is pretty insane, and very cool to see! I’ll post some photos toward the end of this post! The projected move in date is end of September or mid-October, so we are praying there won’t be any more big delays!

We added a new “kid” to the family last week – he is extremely hairy and adorable – but a royal handful! His name is Ollie, and he’s a standard size Australian Labradoodle. Right now he’s 9 weeks old, and a big ball of fluff, loves to cuddle and nibble and pester our grandma-dog, a 9 year old Lhasa/Bichon mix. Everyone is head over heels in love with this dog, and he will be a great addition to the family! Needless to say we haven’t been sleeping much…

We found out that our first (of two) Birth parent interview was conducted the first week of July – we are praying that the second interview is scheduled for beginning of August (as there is a required 30-day wait between them) and after that the file has to be released to the Children’s judge for a signature & parent relinquishment and then back again to IBESR for more signatures and a final referral. 

We are encouraged by movement happening in the program, referrals coming out, exits from IBESR, etc, but it is increasingly hard for us to muster the joy for others when they have a breakthrough when we have been waiting so long. Most of the referrals being issued right now have been for families that have waited as little as 8 months. We have been in almost 20 months. It is what it is, and we cannot change it – we simply have to decide to choose joy and keep living a full life in the meantime. Some days that statement is easier said than done, but with the busyness it’s been alright. 

We would appreciate prayers right now for the interview process, that the 2nd interview would happen quickly and the file would be released, and that the rest of the process would fly by quickly. We are quickly approaching a deadline on our paperwork that would cause us to have to make a costly paperwork submission change to a new format if we do not have a referral by April. 

We are praying hard for referral before Christmas – but only God knows!

Thank you for keeping up with us, for your prayers, your love and your support!

Laura & the McGreevey family
The most insane sunset I have ever seen – this is an untouched, unedited photo! Simply gorgeous!   

Beginning the “water Hike” at Oneonta Gorge in Oregon


An amazingly unique hike, the river IS the trail – you hike the river to get to this beautiful waterfall!   
Meet Ollie!

A quick swim in the wading pool 


He is making friends quickly!

Okay here’s the foundation before anything else…   
Day 1 top, front side

Day 1 backside of house

Day 2 Floor Joists! Front view, looking across future master bedroom


Day 3 first floor Decking

Day four – we have some walls! Front of house

We have a front door!(way) 

Day 5 more walls! Front of house

My kitchen sink window

Inside of first floor

Looking at living room slider behind the girls 

Day 6 front of house, and stud walls inside!


Day 7 upstairs floor joists (above Kris’ head)

First floor lookin good!

Day 8 – stairs!!

The view from the top of the stairs (well with no walls yet!)

View looking out back of house

Day 9 garage walls!  

Day 10 upstairs decking! (Floor)    
Day 11 – upstairs walls!!


Future bonus room

Future girls rooms and jack/Jill bathroom look out front of house   
Some Yard from above

That’s it for now – but tomorrow’s another workday! It’s absolutely amazing how fast these guys work!! Incredible talents!

Blessings to you all – thank you for checking in and for your continued prayer for our family!

– Laura 

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