The rain in Spain falls mainly in my backyard.

I really tried to think of a clever title – okay, so I didn’t try that hard – I just looked out the window at the rain falling…Somehow we went from 85-degree sunny days into 55 and rainy overnight! It was nice while it lasted, and its probably great timing as I had forgotten to water all my deck plants (big surprise) so they were a little (ahem, dead!) crackly.

The fact that it is raining probably more here than in Spain has no bearing whatsoever on this blog post, so let’s move on from that quickly! 🙂

The question on everyone’s mind these days is most likely yours: “Any word yet?” The answer out of my mouth, as usual – “Nope not yet”  (yes, that’s the same answer I’m giving now). However, there are some MAJOR praises and some great movement in the system, so we are hopeful (yet again) that our time will be soon.

A few posts ago, I had mentioned that our file was “stuck” because we still needed one birth parent interview to be completed before our file could be sent off to the Children’s Judge for a signature. We were stuck because IBESR had put an indefinite hold on all interviews and hadn’t completed any since September 2014. We had asked for prayer that the interviews would start up again so that we would have a chance at moving forward!

Well, thank you to everyone who has been praying faithfully! Birth parent interviews resumed in full force at the beginning of May! They have been consistently scheduling and completing them all month – our current prayer request is that our child’s birth parent interview would either be scheduled and completed NOW – or that it has already been done!

Getting a birth parent to these interviews (especially after their last one may have been a year ago) can be extremely difficult and many times the birth parent does not show up either because the travel is too far, they had to work, they were sick, didn’t have transportation, or just didn’t want to come. In our case, we most likely won’t hear anything about our interview progress, until the file is at the Children’s Judge awaiting signature (maybe not even until Referral point) – so the only thing we can do is pray it on through.

We would appreciate mountains of prayer over that right now! We are SO ready to meet Little Man, and quite frankly, this summer would be the easiest time for our family to travel to Haiti for our 2 week bonding trip! (or, how about next week? that’s fine too – our schedule is wide open!)

The other praise in the system is that there have been several IBESR exits in the past 8 weeks, which is incredible! It does a family no good to have a referral and bonding trip but not have an IBESR exit, because you cannot proceed through the rest of the courts process, embassy or get visas until you’ve exited IBESR. There have been very few families who have exited even in the past YEAR so to have several families exit in the last two months is pretty darn close to miraculous!

Another wonderfully encouraging thing is that the IBESR has hired several new staff to help with social work there – not sure if they will be processing paperwork or conducting interviews, but either way – more people = more done!

So, while we do not have an official referral yet, we are thanking God daily for what He IS doing – as it all pieces together to form the big picture!

These past few months have gotten a bit crazier and more jumbled as I made the decision to (attempt to) go back to school for some kind of degree. I sat for hours in the WSU advising office talking through their programs, thinking that I would just need to transfer in and complete 18 months of school to finish up my degree that I started at Multnomah Bible College 17 years ago…well, turns out that all three years that I spent there amount to NADA, ZERO, ZILCH credit transfers (yes, I’m still paying for that big fat ZERO, although I did get an amazing husband out of it so not a complete waste – talk about an expensive husband!) so “finishing my degree” has turned into a daunting 4+ years of school, beginning at Clark College (community college here) for an AA, all while still parenting 3 busy kids, completing an adoption, swimming in the school PTA – oh and staying happily married! 🙂

BTW – I would get about 30 points docked off for that crazy long run-on sentence – don’t tell my English teacher.

So, I’m trying to balance receiving an A in Math and English classes (that I’ve already taken, and already passed – 17 years ago, ARGH), getting everyone to where they need to be, being a PTA mom, dance mom, making dinner, loving my husband – oh and BUILDING A HOUSE. It has been challenging for sure! Actually at this moment I’m supposed to be doing math homework…so naturally this is how wonderfully it’s working! 🙂

Kris has been extremely patient and very encouraging, Braeden (age 12) thinks it’s super funny that my math homework is what he is learning right now, and also thinks it funny to say “want me to help you figure that out, mom?” NO. I don’t want you to help me but thanks for the offer!


The house is progressing very slowly. Frustratingly slow, yet it seems to be just one more area that God is trying to teach me that I need to just surrender my obsessive need to CONTROL my life. I have no control over how fast these guys build our home – I have no control over when it’s finished and I can move in. What originally started as a June move-in has now turned to a September move-in. I can’t do a thing about it except to say THANK YOU that we have this opportunity, thank you for providing this and for giving us the flexibility to stay in our current home as long as we need to. AND – get this: Thank you that Little Man isn’t home yet, because if he was, we would be moving in a few months which would not be the ideal situation for new child transition. We are still praying him home by Christmas (for goodness sake, I’m praying at this point that our HOUSE will be done before Christmas!) but even if he is not – we know that ultimately God’s plan is better than anything that we could come up with!

It was a joyous day when the concrete truck showed up to pour footings!

Future garage (above)

That back right corner will be a huge back-filled wall – underneath our master bathroom. This is one of the reasons for the long delays as the “undisturbed ground” on this corner was much deeper than everyone anticipated so we had to get the whole thing re-engineered.

Kris’ cameo appearance! He is standing underneath what will be the office on the main floor.

Our family’s initials made it into the foundation of the house!

Don’t ask – we aren’t telling. But Little Man had to make it into the foundation too!

I think the hardest part for me right now is the daily “what if today is the day?” – there really is no escaping that. I wish I could live in the peace of not thinking about it day in and day out – but this adoption is so much an ingrained part of our lives and this wait such a normal part of our hearts that it is not practical to think or expect our hearts to respond any other way.

You might be afraid to ask us this question, but maybe you’ll be encouraged to know that we aren’t afraid of it: “Do you ever think that it is time to stop the process and just move on in life without this adoption?”

Our answer – yes, we’ve asked it, we’ve prayed over it – we even had a “family meeting” and had a candid conversation with all three kids about all of our options, what they looked like, and how everyone felt. The unanimous decision all around is that we are still IN. Kris and I do not feel like God is directing us to stop, and all of our kids are willing to be patient and wait on God’s timing for our family and our new Little Man. There are worries, there are questions, and we tackle them as they come up – pray over them, and talk about how we feel like God is answering them. Honestly, sometimes there’s no answer – and in those moments we feel that God is giving us the go ahead to make the best decision we can with the knowledge and the hearts that He’s given us.

So no, we aren’t sticking our heads in the sand ignoring all the speed bumps and caution signs, we are moving forward, eyes wide open. However we feel that God’s given us a clear direction, which is to just simply to WAIT. And to see what He’s got in store for us.

And to appreciate and invest in the times we have NOW!

See? There is happiness and joy to find in the midst of the wait! I am so thankful we aren’t missing this!

What pirates really do when they lose an eye…really, where are they gonna find an eyepatch on a deserted island! Just use a Limpit shell, guys.

Me and my patient man. Thank you, Lord for this incredible gift you placed in my life, and for teaching me how to love and respect and cherish this man!

Something about the beach…

Can I please just capture this moment and freeze her here forever? I love this photo.

Then and now…

Abby at her Dance Recital!

We appreciate your friendship, your prayer, your encouragement and we will always be open to your questions!

Thank you for being YOU, for loving us and following our story!


~ Laura & Family

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