House is underway!

We are thrilled to share some photos of the house progress! We finally (after many delays) broke ground and things are moving along quickly! Here’s a few photos of our progress:


Kris on Day One of “let’s get this house built!” Lot was cleared and dirt moved around in some logical (to the excavator) fashion. Pretty sure they were hired just to appease me and stop my “when are they gonna dig?!” Incessant commentary…well it worked! 😉

 Excavation done and gravel down – ready for forms to be set up! Here you are looking at the “driveway” (car enters from the right, heading straight for the neighbor’s dog who decided to make a cameo appearance). The darker gravel is the garage bays and house will come out at an (obtuse!) angle (just tryin to give a visual!)



This (above) is standing at the garage doors and looking toward where the corner of the kitchen windows, nook and living room will be. 


The string above marks the front edge of the house (front door/entry side) yes it looks like it drops off – it does. But they promised me I won’t have a basement so I’m just gonna trust them on this one!


Kids having fun climbing through all the holes & enjoying the mud!


I know, it still really looks like it’s going to be a basement. Or a swimming pool…they will keep me guessing. 



Yet another view of the swimming pool. I mean basement. Wait. What? Seriously. They told me it was a crawlspace. Looks more like a standing up space to me. Sorry New Neighbors, I couldn’t photoshop you out!


Silly, excited girls!


This space they are super excited about – all of this dirt will be part of the back yard! They have been missing grass to play in!

Our partial view…I’m in love with the trees!



Forms are going up this week as well! Getting all set up to pour foundation!

One last praise, on the adoption front is news that Birth Parent Interviews are rumored to be starting up again in May! This is such encouraging news and please pray with us that this will indeed happen and that our file and other families’ files will be pushed through this step quickly!

Blessings, I’m sure you’ll see more from us soon!


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