Clarification…(no new news, or updates, but important information)

Update & Clarification: to any reader who is not familiar with our story, or still confused on our situation, other Haiti families, etc. – please understand that every situation is different. Your family’s process will look completely different than ours and any other family’s process. Our timelines will never match up, there will be no process that matches, no standard to base your expectations upon, no track-record to base estimates on, so please do not read our story or posts and assume that yours will follow suit or be the same. Please do not assume that just because we have had to make changes that you will need to make changes. There are some things that ARE in your control, that you as an adoptive parent get to decide on – whether to stay the course, leaving things as-is, or change the direction, or just simply change an age or gender (or number of children) parameter on some paperwork. Many of those decisions will be up to you – and most of you will not even need to make them.

I encourage you to please fight the urge to read between the lines. If I do not say it, it is because it is not there. If you are a current Haiti family this will make sense, if you are simply a friend/family/stranger reading this, feel free to ignore: There is only one orphanage I am aware of that gives “soft referrals” – ours is not one of them. We have not had an official referral at this point, we are still waiting. 

Please do not base your ability as a family/individual to stick with the incredible and sometimes infinite wait of your adoption upon one family’s experience. Again, each family’s process will be their own unique journey, and while there may be some similarities, most of the time the stories will be entirely different. 

If none of this makes sense, it probably doesn’t need to! 🙂 

Blessings to all of you on each journey you are on, whether that be an adoption journey, family journey, or simply life itself!

We will continue to keep this blog updated as our process progresses,


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