One Year Mark…

Well, this week we’ve reached our one-year mark…one year ago with fluttering hearts and clammy hands we hit “send” on our online application with America World Adoption for their Haiti program. It feels like so much has happened, so much has changed, yet at the same time, we feel there is still so much further to go.

Our Dossier (basically our entire family’s lives in one 6″ stack of papers, letters and notarized documents) arrived in Haiti late October 2013. It was successfully submitted to the IBESR (the equivalent of Haiti’s Social Services) on December 10th, 2013. At the time, a small group of us was expected to be “rushed” through the process and expected to receive our official referral (child match) from the IBESR within 2 months. After multiple delays within the establishment of IBESR, we are now at almost 6 1/2 months of waiting for our referral. I get the question daily, “So…any more news on the adoption?”, and then followed immediately by “I’m sure you get tired of people asking that question…” 🙂

News? No. Trust me, if we had news, there would be an emergency alert flashing on every television screen and radio station in the universe!! My news at the moment is this – well…we are 6 1/2 months closer to getting a referral! LOL

These days are tough – we try to keep busy, and try to keep a smile on while answering “nope, nothing yet – still waiting.” For the first time in our family’s history we have planned almost every week of the summer with things to do for family, kids, etc. – day camps, overnight camps, weekends at the beach, camping, etc. I think subconsciously we know that the busier we are, the faster the summer will pass – and the less time we will have to dwell on our “no news” status.

There are still the consistent rumors and rumblings of movement – there is rumored to be (a well-founded rumor) a large stack of 50+ family Dossiers ready for signatures in the IBESR – no one knows if they are child matches ready to be released as official referrals, or Dossiers that have already been officially referred over the past two years and are ready for signatures to exit on to the next step in the process…God knows, even while we do not.

I have to constantly remind myself that there is Someone in control, even if I feel that there is not. Control (or lack thereof) is my biggest shortcoming, and I would be the first to admit it! When I lose control of a situation, when things are completely out of my hands I begin to feel lost, not sure whether to sit and twiddle my thumbs, or roam and wander until I happen to find another path…

Kris and I both had a sense this past week of the feeling of being released from being “stuck”…for some reason we have felt “stuck” in a lot of ways in this time of unknowns and this season of being answerless in the silence. We haven’t felt like we could move forward with life, family, etc. at all – because we didn’t know what the “plan” was going to be. Lately, we have felt the restlessness wear off and a sense of freedom to just pursue life again – with our family, with life plans, etc. trusting that everything about our lives will need to be flexible, but part of being flexible is moving forward with the knowledge that if you’re needed elsewhere, its okay to drop and run. 🙂

So for now – we enter our packed summer ready to hit the ground running – to enjoy life as we know it – to continue to invest in our children at home and anywhere else we can this summer while waiting for “the call”. Doesn’t negate the fact that every time my phone rings with an obscure number, I jump and get anxious, wondering if this is it! And so we move on, forward, towards living again – with a renewed sense of purpose – to continue creating and investing and growing our family in the time that we do have as FIVE, while we move towards becoming SIX.

When Little Man finally does come home, he will have quite the story from all of these blog posts to document our waiting journey!

Thanks for joining us – please pray that we will hear something soon – everyone in our Haiti Program forums and groups is on pins and needles right now waiting for calls, waiting for referrals, there is so much process that is just teetering on the edge of movement that the sensation is almost unbearable!

Please pray for signatures on those documents – pray for DECISIONS to be made – there is lots of indecision within the IBESR organization right now – pray for decisiveness and a sense of purpose and efficiency. Pray for an awakening of focus and a push of desperation to move things forward!





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