Good News…indirectly

No referral yet. Any moment, any hour, any day, any week, any month…we don’t know.

HOWEVER. There is great news for some families, and indirectly great news for us – Referrals have started coming out of IBESR! Another family received their official referral from the IBESR last week, and their family’s dossier was accepted into IBESR around the same time as ours! This is wonderful news for their family, and we are renewed in our sense of hope and excitement as our collection of other adoptive Haiti families takes in a quick breath and attempts to hold it just a bit longer until our email refresh button blinks a blue “new message” dot. Another Haiti family also just completed their 2-week bonding trip, and another family arrived HOME with their children! STATESIDE. I don’t think there could be anything sweeter after all of this process than stepping onto US soil with a bundle of little brown arms and legs held tightly to your chest. We cannot wait until that day!

Kris laughed yesterday when I told him that I absolutely FREAKED out that morning, because my phone rang with an unknown East Coast phone number. Our agency is over that way – and the only people I know who would call from that direction would be our Family coordinator, or someone else at the agency. I gathered my shaking limbs and took a deep breath and answered with a somewhat freakishly stuttered, “he-hhhee–lll–ooo?” …

“We need you to call regarding your account with us. While there are currently no problems or issues on your account we want to share with you a program that could drastically lower your interest rate…”

AAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!! I’ll be honest, I was NOT happy. LOL! It’s funny now, but at the time I believe I uttered something unpleasantly rude to the automated recording on the other end of the line. How do they have permissions to access my cell phone anyway? That should be illegal. Especially when I’m waiting on pins and needles for a phone call about my CHILD THAT I HAVEN’T YET SEEN. Seriously, people. At least call from a Montana number or something. 🙂

Anyway – just wanted to share with you all our fresh excitement that there IS movement beginning to rumble through the IBESR! We also heard the other day “from a reliable source” (hahaha) that the IBESR director is putting together a small group of people within their office to focus specifically on processing Dossiers and issuing Referrals!! This is AMAZING – it means there will be dedicated staff solely focused on making sure these referrals get out the door and that children get moved more quickly into their waiting families!

Praise the Lord for movement! 

Also – I am probably the LEAST political person that I know but I wanted to raise awareness for a bill that’s in progress right now – called Children in Families First (CHIFF) – there are many facets of the bill which can be explored and analyzed more at their website: The sole purpose of this movement is to move the priority of placing orphans and vulnerable children into families higher up on the State Department’s to-do list. Right now they focus most of their Children/Family/Aid budget on providing Food/Nutrition, Water, Medicine & Education to those children – but this bill attempts to argue the point that children need families – they need to be moved into either families locally that can provide for those needs, or families internationally that are equipped and ready to provide. The other things are important as well, but most of the time those can be conquered within the arms/walls of a permanent family/home. Foster homes/families are wonderful temporary solutions as well – but children need family to belong to – and this should be a much higher priority for our country as a whole than it is currently.

Check it out if you have any interest – the link is above – From what I can see from the basics I’ve read and from the webinar on the issue I joined yesterday, I agree with the concept and was intrigued enough to dig through their informational site. I’m hesitant to tout a political agenda as that’s normally just not my thing. But after moving through this process and seeing how many unnecessary delays and hiccups and years worth of heartache and suffering families and children have had to endure due to disorganization and ill equipped government agencies and offices…It seems on the up and up and at least on a very basic level to have solid merit and a solid goal that would be beneficial to many!

Join us in thanking the Lord for the movement in the IBESR and please continue to pray that our email of official referral or REAL phone call regarding referral will come SOON!!! 🙂


One thought on “Good News…indirectly

  1. I am fervent in prayer..I know the pain of leaving your family behind. Oh I wish I could be there now. thank you for sharing and I would appreciate any info on the way you started your process. my story is complicated and “laws” say it impossible. Laws, or crazy government..our GOD is bigger! no doubt you will get word soon!!!!!!

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